Kak Varley Marketing is a trusted digital marketing agency and consulting firm committed to your business growth.

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Reach out to Kak Varley Marketing today!

Kak Varley Marketing is a trusted digital marketing agency and consulting firm committed to your business growth.

Bring value to your digital world today…

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Some businesses want to move from surviving to thriving online. Leverage our full-service agency to get the digital growth you are looking for.





Some businesses want to be able to rely on someone that can get the work done and done right. Trust our hands to take the work off your plate.





Some businesses need help navigating what works (and what doesn’t work) online. Leverage our minds to get you down the right path.

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Reach out to Kak Varley today!
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“Gotten great tips from Kak that helped me understand how to better assess and improve websites. Thanks Kak!”

Carmen Ronan, Manager of International Trade Services, Molera Alvarez

“Kak has been great to work with. He’s helped us get our website highly optimized and cleaned up, as well as get LinkedIn and Google campaigns set up. Would highly recommend!”

Jordan Folsom, Head of Marketing, AuctusIQ

“When I was tasked with building a new sales and professional services practice, I was buried in technical training, optimizing back-office operations, and working with customers. I came to rely tremendously on Kak Varley’s expertise in modernizing our approach to marketing, customer engagement, and articulating an effective strategy for go-to-market efforts and nurturing prospective customers. Kak provided critical guidance in refining our strategy around brand management, modernized our social media activity and presence, and helped us translate our own technical expertise into thought-leadership assets and messaging that resonated with our customers.

Specifically speaking to the technology industry, Kak is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the changing landscape of B2B business requirements. I’ve always found him to be unbound by the “same old, same old,” and he brings strategic insights and high-touch creativity that can’t be replicated by an algorithm or SEO optimization “strategies” that haven’t changed in a decade.”

Brian Schoepfle, Senior Manager Cloud Services, iT1

“Kak has many qualities not found in many who claim to be marketers. He knows the trends, the tools, the habits of buyers in many spaces, and really understands our business. He isn’t afraid to tell us when he thinks we’re on the wrong track, but almost always brings an idea or solutions with that advice. He’s very relaxed and confident. What is also great is how EXCITED he gets about when the plan and platforms we create together begin to show results! If you’re “OVER” all these gurus who are a dime-a-dozen, you really should contact Kak

Steve Cozart, Founder, Brain Squared Solutions

“We hired Kak to help us develop a customer persona to leverage in many of our marketing & sales efforts. The process was smooth and Kak’s findings within his research and analysis were very insightful. We are excited about using this powerful information to help increase traffic to our site, new business opportunities, and overall marketing and sales efforts. Kak Varley is ahead of the game when it comes to sales and marketing strategy and production.”

Michael Hanson, Director of Business Development, EdgePoint Learning

“I just had an initial interview with Kak to better understand his services and the insights he provided into developing a truly strategic social media plan were very helpful. Thank you for your time Kak!”

Nancy Dudenhoefer, Assistant Director, KJZZ

“Kak is an awesome guy with outstanding marketing skills. With his help, we changed my professional persona which increased traffic on my LinkedIn profile. Thanks, Kak for everything!”

Neal Hancock, Finance Analyst, SRP

“Kak helped me tremendously with my online marketing. In a space where I knew close to nothing, he made it all seem simple. I recommend him 100% for anyone who needs help online!”

Marcos Esquivel, Owner, MDE Athletics

“I have known Kak for over 20 years as a hard-working, trustworthy, and super smart guy! I learned a ton from him in an informative 30-minute call to review what we are looking to accomplish here at Emerald Inc. I look forward to implementing some of his immediate marketing/social suggestions and looking to learn from and use his expertise in the future! Reach out to him today for a free consultation to change your vision of the digital world.”

Vance Merrill, Senior Project Manager, Emerald Inc

“I couldn’t be happier with Kak’s professionalism and ability to take technical details and translate them into a business success document. I’d highly recommend Kak to anyone looking for his rare skillset.”

Eric Katzen, Account Executive, OnStak

“For nearly ten years I’ve listened to a lot of people blow a lot of hot air about digital and social media. It always felt like the parable of the Seven Blind Men and the Elephant. When I met Kak, I immediately realized that this was a person who sees and understands the entire elephant. He doesn’t talk “digital media,” or “social media,” or “SEO,” or any other piece of the puzzle–he talks about (and delivers) on the entire sales funnel, customer journey and the process of turning all those “likes” and “friends” and “follows” into a cohesive strategy. What a find!”

Steven Lance, Founder, PS Insights

“Kak is a pleasure to work with: down-to-earth, extremely knowledgeable, creative, and explains things clearly and concisely. He’s given me such valuable information to keep growing my business. Highly recommended.”

Lisa Jo Barr, Owner, Lisa Jo Barr

“Kak is absolutely doing the job he was designed to do. He has brilliantly integrated his knowledge of sales into the world of digital marketing. I feel blessed that he is on my team and filling a gap that has been so sorely needed. I would highly recommend him for an overall review of your sales and marketing strategies. And then, I would hire him!”

Tina Greenbaum, Founder & Author, Mastery Under Pressure

“Kak has a ton of industry knowledge and is concerned about one thing-results. He gives no BS answers and just wants his clients to win. Will definitely recommend him to other people.”

Adam Huber, Founder, ClarityCoat

“Kak and his marketing company are doing impactful work for us increasing our reach worldwide. True professionals.”

Dann Williams, VP of Business Development, OptiCoat

“In this new “online economy” we are looking and how to adapt our products and services to be sold online. If you find yourself in this scenario a conversation with Kak is invaluable. Kak’s offerings from doing it yourself to his full service do it for your options make your solution simple and easy. Best time and money you can invest in your company now. Thank you, Kak!”

Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP, LSP, CWMF, Leadership Solutions International

“Kak can do it all – from consulting and tools to full agency work. Kak applies 30+yrs of professional sales craft into marketing results. His unique approach using performance-based KPI’s to drive results really moves the needle!”

Erika Sheets, President, Coffee Sales