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Okay, another kTip! This one’s going to be around sales. My name is Kak Varley, and here I am talking about the three things you should never do to a salesperson.

So if you’re a company out there, this is where you’re going to want to listen. Because the thing that costs you the most money is the turnover in your business. Especially in the sales group.

So these are the three things you don’t want to do. And I call it the “3 W’s”. You never want to wreck their pay. You never want to wreck their reputation. And you most certainly don’t want to wreck their spirits.

Wrecking the Pay

You don’t want to pay a salesperson less or take away money in any form or fashion. Not even moving accounts to other people without seeing things back their way. You never want to do that because, let’s face it – if you are a salesperson, you are there to get paid. That’s what you’re there for. That’s your job description. You go in, and you make money for the company, and in doing so, you get a cut of that money (usually called commissions).

So you don’t want to mess with the money when it comes to salespeople, because they’re typically (if you’re hiring right) money-driven.

Wrecking the Reputation

The second thing is wrecking the reputation. The second “W.” You don’t want to do that. And that comes in the form of not being able to deliver on what your company says they can deliver. They are not providing good customer service, or they have poor leadership that doesn’t know how to satisfy their customers.

It can come in so many different forms, but you never want to ruin the reputation of the sales rep. You want to allow a salesperson to bring in business and allow a salesperson to keep business. Acquisition and retention, right? Salespeople are generally at the acquisition piece of your business. But let us not forget that they’re also the retention side of your business (what account management is all about).

Wreck the Spirit

Then you have the third one, which is wrecking your spirits.

Look, sales is a hard gig. I know all you out there that don’t do sales think that doing sales is so easy. “I can just do it myself. I know what I’m doing.”. I see it all the time with people. They think they know what they’re doing. But they don’t know what they’re doing. I guarantee you that they think it’s so easy. It’s not easy. It’s a grind. You got to get out there. You got to get in the ring all the time with people. You’re getting beat up all the time, and you have to learn to negotiate. And you have to be present every day. You can’t fail at that. So it’s not an easy job.

So don’t go around and make them feel worse about their job by saying, “Ah, he’s just a salesperson.” You don’t want to do that. In fact, if anything, you want to treat those people right so they continue to make money for your company.

If you have any questions about sales, especially hiring salespeople, I am more than happy to help. I have a very big passion for companies hiring salespeople the correct way, so both parties make out on the deal.

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