Website Design

This section is about website design. As such, these are articles to help you with designing and building a website. Use these tips here to get you to the next level.

Website design is the process of creating websites. Creating a good website requires standards, such as an appealing look, intriguing content, and ease of navigation.

A website is the foundation of any internet marketing. Whereas an address is a physical location, the website is the virtual location. A physical address is a place to get information in person. In turn, a website is a place to get information online. Websites have become the most important source for finding companies online and retrieving information.

Websites have also become a great source of gathering data about the people that visit. This data helps companies understand the demographics, locations, and interest of visitors. As a result, a company can then improve its website to increase satisfaction.


Website Builder or Custom Website. Which is Best for You?

“What do you think of [insert the name of an online website builder here] websites?” I could criticize do-it-yourself website offerings, but the reality is that the question above really needs to be answered by another question – “What are you looking to achieve with your website?” There is certainly a place for these website building platforms in the [...]

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