Website Design

This section is about website design. As such, these are articles to help you with designing and building a website. Use these tips here to get you to the next level.

Website design is the process of creating websites. Creating a good website requires standards, such as an appealing look, intriguing content, and ease of navigation.

A website is the foundation of any internet marketing. Whereas an address is a physical location, the website is the virtual location. A physical address is a place to get information in person. In turn, a website is a place to get information online. Websites have become the most important source for finding companies online and retrieving information.

Websites have also become a great source of gathering data about the people that visit. This data helps companies understand the demographics, locations, and interest of visitors. As a result, a company can then improve its website to increase satisfaction.


Why an SSL Certificate is Important for a Website

For this #kTip, we discuss what an SSL Certificate is and why it’s important for your website. Watch Video Here All right, another kTip for you from Kak Varley. This one is going to be just a little more technical, this one involves websites...  Online Safety Certifications  So why is an SSL certificate important for your website? Well, let's [...]


Website Builder or Custom Website. Which is Best for You?

“What do you think of [insert the name of an online website builder here] websites?” I could criticize do-it-yourself website offerings, but the reality is that the question above really needs to be answered by another question – “What are you looking to achieve with your website?” There is undoubtedly a place for these website-building platforms in the marketplace. [...]