3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Salesperson

For this #kTip, we discuss the three things you should consider when you are hiring a salesperson for your business.

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I want to talk about some things you should consider when you’re hiring a salesperson. I’ve been doing sales for 25+ years, that is not to brag but simply to say that I’ve been around the block a few times. 

Understanding the Costs of Salespeople

The first point I want to make is how you are going to hire a salesperson. You’re either going to hire a salesperson who’s experienced and you’re going to pay for that experience or you’re going to hire a person and develop them and pay for that over time. So you either pay now or pay later. 

You’re either finding a salesperson that’s experienced or you’re going to train them, and what I see recruiters doing these days is they’re looking for the Unicorn. They want to find somebody who has all the experience that they want, they don’t want to have to pay for it, and they don’t want to have to train. To me, that’s a recipe for disaster. To me, it just screams turnover in a big way. 

Looking Beyond the Numbers

Two, set aside for a second, your job descriptions. Job descriptions we understand, are for qualifying a person coming in. Set aside for a second the typical interview questions about achievement and numbers. We all understand that we want a successful salesperson coming into the organization. However, things happen. There is this thing called reality, and if that salesperson couldn’t sell at their last job because they did not get the support, or the product/service didn’t have value, well talking numbers is not going to help anybody. 

You might overlook somebody who has great intentions and that’s really the big deal in this second point. It’s about the intent of that person, and I can tell you when it comes to salespeople, they like to make money. They like to make money for the company and especially for themselves. So that’s a great start. Ask questions that are around the intent of that salesperson so you have a good idea of who they are. 

Know Your Worth

And then the third point: does your product have value? Slapping a salesperson in front of something that doesn’t sell or doesn’t have value is not going to help you. All it’s going to do is cause friction, and again it’s going to cause staff turnover, and you’re going to wonder why you’re running through all these salespeople. 

So thank you so much for spending time with me today. If you have any questions about this please reach out to me. I’m happy to help you out. My website is KakVarley.com.

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