MoneyFor this #kTip, we discuss a myth going around about no one having money…

Most recently, I had a customer tell me about their business. They were saying that nobody has money, and I believe that to be a myth. I know that we’re going through some hard times, but I don’t believe that nobody has funds. And the reason I say that is this: experience. I’ve been making sales for 25+ years, and let me tell you something – there has never been a single customer who has told me they have enough budget. 

Debunking the Myth

Every single customer I’ve ever come across has always said, “Well, I don’t really have the budget, can you reduce your price?” Everybody is going to say that they don’t have monetary means right now. If they really don’t have enough dough, then ultimately, we have to find different customers. There are customers out there that do have money. 

A Matter of Finding the Money

So, the reason I want to bring this message to you is to give you the confidence and understanding that there is money out there. You just have to find the customers that have the money. Any questions about this, please contact me at

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