Being on top of your email game is important for your business; GMass makes it easier. Maintaining an active business inbox is a bit of a full-time job. Between making sure you’re on top of replies and building viable email lists, there are a lot of moving pieces. GMass automates all of these elements and more. Send as many emails as you want, any time, for any purpose. Learn how your emails are being interacted with and use that information to build new campaigns. Automate follow-up, lists, and general replies. GMass is a tool that makes email so easy you’ll barely have to spend any time in your inbox to get it all done.

Mass Emails in Gmail

GMass completely optimizes the power of Gmail. Mass emailing is such an essential part of reaching your client base, marketing, and generally getting the word out about your business. As the name implies, it is a bit of a cumbersome task. GMass takes all of the weight and makes it look like nothing.

No matter what you need to send in bulk, GMass can help you out. This extends to both internal and external use. Need to send a meeting reminder, a cold email campaign, and a blast about a new promotion to existing clients all at once? Use GMass to get those jobs done quickly. Unless you’ve tried it, you might not know that Gmail has a recipient limit per email, as does G Suite. Gmail accounts can reach more than 500 people at a time, and while G Suite casts a wider net at 2,000, that may still be too limiting. GMass will send as many emails as you want, but the trick is spreading it out over a few days. That way, the emails get delivered, but the system doesn’t get overloaded.

Your personalized can be edited to your satisfaction and sent out to as many people as you want, all thanks to GMass.

Mail Merge from Google Sheets

Mail merges can be a tricky thing to do on your own. Even if you have your own system, there’s no way it’s as effective as GMass. Setting up a mail merge with GMass is as easy as formatting a spreadsheet—that you should already have—log in to your GMass-enabled Gmail account and load the sheet. That’s it. If you have more than one worksheet in your spreadsheet, Gmail with GMass will give you the option to select which worksheet you’d like to use. It will also monitor duplicates for you.

You can continue to update and change your Google Sheet even after it’s been linked to GMass, and sometimes GMass even helps with that. Even from a specific Google Sheet, you can decide who receives emails. Rather than creating multiple Sheets, you can simply add filter criteria and GMass will know exactly what you mean.

GMass will even track your emails after they’ve been sent if you want. Tracking open, click, reply, and bounce rates is as simple as checking a box. Only send your emails once they are exactly as you want them to be. Add as many accounts as you want and send the perfect email to all of them in one fell swoop.

Email Analytics

GMass takes email analytics to a whole new level. This platform collects everything and makes it accessible from just about anywhere. Check your email and your email analytics from your Gmail account, either on your desktop or through the mobile Gmail app. You’ll never have to deal with logging in to a new account or opening a webpage. Everything is right inside the app.

If you find yourself on your GMass dashboard, statistics can also be accessed from there. This dashboard can be accessed through your Gmail account if you have the GMass extension on Chrome. The dashboard offers a row-by-row setup for your analytics and allows you to download copies of these reports. Reports don’t update live on the dashboard, but you can get live reports from your dashboard.

The web-based reports, which are accessible through the dashboard or separate link, have it all. These are up to the second, live feed reports that track everything you want to know about when it comes to email. These reports are easy to access and don’t require any additional login. They are accessed through a simple link that can be shared with anyone. That doesn’t mean that anyone can access it, as you have to share it first. Though these links are easy to use, they are nearly impossible to crack. GMass tracks everything in and out of your inbox, but they do it just for you and who you want to share it with.

Auto Follow-up Emails

Setting up automated follow-up is a huge draw for any email manager, but GMass does it even better. Follow-up is important no matter what your business deals in. Keeping in contact and keeping your name in someone’s inbox is the best way to get followers and clients. It may seem like a simple thing, but there are a lot of mistakes and missteps that are common in follow-up. It’s one of the most monotonous and phoned-in parts of doing business.

GMass is a simple solution to getting over the follow-up hump. You can set your follow-up up in stages. If you send one email out advertising a service or event, you can schedule an automatic follow-up for a few days later to anyone who hasn’t opened or clicked through the original message. These messages can be set up for individuals or in bulk, depending on your need. You can use the automation however you want to. Manage how many emails you send out by determining which campaigns need an auto-response and which can be handled differently.

And, of course, these follow-up messages can be completely personalized. GMass allows you to use personalized tags so no one will ever receive a message that isn’t addressed to them.

Schedule Sending

Schedule sending is such an asset to anyone who uses email. The option to get ahead of emails is such a powerful thing for people who like to stay several steps ahead of their workload. Gmail already allows for this feature, but GMass pumps it up even more. Schedule mass emails of follow-up or otherwise for days, weeks, or months in advance.

When you want to schedule an email, GMass preloads times and dates for you, all of which are set to your own time zone. But you aren’t limited to what GMass comes up with. Spend as much time prepping the exact message you want to send way ahead of time. If you use your Gmail for personal as well as professional use and schedule messages for both, you won’t have to worry about any mix-ups or things getting lost. GMass scheduled emails are clearly labeled in the scheduled section of your account.

Just like regularly scheduled emails, you can edit the content, date, and time up to the second you want them to be sent out. The element of ease this option offers will save time, allow for better, more well thought out messages, and a more organized calendar.

Reply Manage

Being able to send out emails in bulk is great. But getting responses in bulk can be a bit overwhelming. With that in mind, bulk sending might seem like a double-edged sword, but thanks to GMass an overstuffed inbox isn’t a concern. In a perfect world, all of the emails you send out would reach valid and responsive emails. But that’s simply not the case, especially not with cold emails. Among the actual replies you do get, some of the messages will bounce back or come back as blocked, and some will even be delayed. GMass does you the courtesy of organizing all of these for you.

Every response, whether it’s a block notification or an inquiry, will be sorted into sub-sections under the GMass Reports label in your Gmail account. These labels are helpful for organizing but also for organizing and refining your email lists. When a message is sent to the “delays” label, you know that it was sent back, but it isn’t specifically a bounce. This gives you the chance to do some investigating and figure out just what happened to the email before clearing it from your mailing list.

Your inbox won’t be inundated after every mass campaign. You will have the luxury of sorting through things at your own pace, assuming there is no automated follow-up in place.

Email List Builder

There are plenty of ways to build an email list, some are more complicated than others, but few are simpler than the GMass way. Building an email list with GMass can be done in one of three ways. All from your Gmail account, GMass will build you an email list using either your search bar, labels, or through notification emails—like when someone leaves a comment or creates an account. Each is super simple and requires just a few steps before you’re ready to draft an email.

Creating email lists in the GMass way builds the best and most dedicated lists possible. By using your existing account and data, these lists will almost build themselves. GMass is the quickest way to build your best email lists. Through GMass, you can accomplish things like sending recipient-specific links and attachments, even in group emails. Customize and automate follow-ups for all of your lists. Keep track of your analytics per list so you can know exactly what’s working and where. Having these lists at your fingertips and the ease of creating more at the drop of a hat makes running campaigns more accessible than ever.

If email lists are something you’ve struggled with creating in the past, you need to give the GMass way a shot.


The pricing structure for GMass is comprehensive and offers just about any team, no matter the size or business, what they need for a good price. GMass caters to both individuals and teams and has tons to offer each. For teams and individuals, plans can be set up on a monthly or annual payment basis.


The first individual plan for GMass, the Standard plan offers the most basic options:

  • Basic campaigns
  • Mail merge personalization
  • Break Gmail’s limits
  • Conditional content
  • Address verification
  • Hundreds of other features

The Standard plan can be purchased for $19.95/month or $199/year.


Right above the Standard plan, the Premium plan offers a few more services for a little more money.

  • Basic campaigns
  • Mail merge personalization
  • Break Gmail’s limits
  • Conditional content
  • Address verification
  • Sequences and follow-ups
  • API access
  • A/B testing
  • Hundreds of other features

For Premium subscribers will pay $29.95/month or $299/year.


The best plan for individuals comes as the Enterprise plan. It offers everything from the previous two and more. This is everything an individual user could need from GMass.

  • Basic campaigns
  • Mail merge personalization
  • Break Gmail’s limits
  • Conditional content
  • Address verification
  • Sequences and follow-ups
  • API access
  • A/B testing
  • High priority support
  • Hundreds of other features

Sign up for Enterprise and pay $49.95/month or $499/year.


The structure for the Teams plan is slightly different. Rather than building off of plan features, the scale shifts based on the number of users. Teams will receive everything from the Premium plan and can also choose from monthly or annual payments.

  • 5 users: $125/month$1250 annual
  • 10 users: $225/month $2250 annual
  • 25 users: $495/month $4950 annual
  • 50 users: $895/month $8950 annual
  • 100 users: $1495/month $14950 annual

GMass specializes in bringing ease to your email practices. Create email lists, keep track and personalize everything you send, and decide exactly when it goes out. Let your inbox be managed rather than taking the time to manage it yourself. Get a better look at how your campaigns are working, not just with analytics that do a deep dive but with inboxes that show you what’s been bounced and who is blocking your address. GMass is easily installed, integrates perfectly into your established workload, is effortless to use, and will save you time and resources. Rather than putting everything together on your own, give GMass a few things to do and watch your emails excel.

For a more robust email that includes CRM, check out ActiveCampaign.

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