Own the NeighborhoodFor this #kTip, we discuss how to own the neighborhood in social media and the importance of trying to secure a consistent handle for all your social media.

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Welcome back to another kTip with Kak Varley…

I wanted to talk about how to own the neighborhood on social media. What do I mean by “own the neighborhood.” It involves branding, and you want your brand to be on any channel that’s out there. And what I mean by channel is Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest…all down the line… including your own website. You want your brand to be on those channels, even if you don’t use them today. For instance, I don’t really use Snapchat very much, but you better believe that I have a “Kak Varley” Snapchat profile. Because if I ever want to go in that direction with my business, it’ll be available to me.


So when you talk about social media, there’s this thing called “handles.” If you think back to the days of CB radios (citizens band radio), where truckers used to get on the CB, they would have names for each other like “10-4 Good Buddy”! “Good Buddy” would be the handle. 

In the social media world, a handle is everything after the slash. So…

I even got myself a TikTok profile because that’s becoming popular now (and ever-evolving). So my point is to say, have a solid name. If your name is already taken, then find a name. Do your research on all these different social media channels and find a name that can be a consistent handle. Or should I say, find a handle that can be consistent across all those channels? Because if you look at all my channels, they’re all “KakVarley.”

Owning the Neighborhood

Own the neighborhood so that you have brand consistency. If anybody wants to find you, they will be able to. Think about the scenario: “Hey, I want to find Kak Varley on Twitter right now. Boom! I found Kak Varley” It’s as simple as that. Why? Because I am easy to find.

So that’s called “owning the neighborhood.” Even if you don’t actually use the handle today. Even if you’re non-existent on social media, I suggest that you get out there and create profiles with the same consistent handle. If the time comes that you need social media, you will be ready to go!

Okay, that was my tip for today. The “kTip” if you will. If you have any questions about this, please contact me at KakVarley.com 

Hey, thanks a bunch, and we’ll talk to you again…

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