How Financial Advisors Can Retain Clients in the Digital World

For this #kTip, I discuss how financial advisors can retain more clients by embracing digital marketing strategies… 

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Welcome to another kTip from Kak Varley here. 

First, I wanted to say thank you for all the comments about my albums on my wall here, I do appreciate you taking notice of those. Somebody recently gave me the idea of advertising for bands during your kTips. I thought that was a great idea. If there are any bands out there that would like for me to display their vinyl on my wall, I’m happy to do it. 

Okay, today I want to talk about financial advisors. I have a financial advisor and I thought about something he could do to extend himself into the digital world. One thing I noticed about him is that I barely ever talked to him. And he told me that’s because it was hard to get people to come set up meetings because of their schedules, which makes sense. 

Staying in Touch

But then I said why don’t you do video conferencing on a regular basis. Video conferences would keep him from losing clients right now because of the market fluctuations during the pandemic. Retention is going to be a huge part of the business right now and he agreed. So, I said, “you’re going to want to stay in touch with those clients.” 

There’s plenty of tools out there that will help you do that and do it on a regular basis. He started doing it right away, which was fantastic. Now, another thing that I thought was interesting is that he did schedule a video conference with me. He said “let’s do it at such and such time,” I said great. 

Proper Communication and Preparation 

Next week came along and I all suddenly got this email saying join me now, I noticed it was from my financial advisor. So, I got online right away thinking it must be an emergency. When I got on the call it became quite clear to me that I had forgotten that there was a meeting. I hadn’t put it in my calendar. 

I said, “Hey, why didn’t you use an appointment scheduler or send an invite so it was in my calendar?” 

He said, “well, if you don’t know how to figure out your calendar…” 

Well, I said, first off, that’s poor customer service. Number two, if you want to keep and retain your clients, you have to help them out and stay in a situation so they’re not canceling or missing appointments. That’s valuable time to a financial advisor.

Using the Right Tools

So, I recommend to him that he use an appointment schedule again. There are a bunch of tools to use that will send an invite out for you. There are tools out there that will literally sync to your calendar. 

You can send it out to a client as a link, they will be able to see when you’re available in the calendar. By the way, this can actually be embedded into your website if you wish so that clients can go right to your website and book a meeting. But otherwise, you send a link to them, they see that you’re available at some time, they click the time they want, put in their email address and it sends them an invite and puts it in their calendar automatically. This keeps missed meetings low and retention high. 

Those are just a couple of ideas on how financial advisors have the ability to extend themselves into the digital world. If you need any help figuring out what those tools are, please reach out to me at 

Thanks a bunch, folks. Have a great day and I will be back.

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