FunnelyticsFunnelytics is the key to figuring out what makes the market tick. Consumers come in all shapes and sizes, and they all treat purchasing a little differently. Rather than spending time, effort, and money on data analysts, use Funnelytics. Funnelytics is a tool that uses consumer data to help you better understand what closes deals and what keeps people on the fence. With the value of data today, there are similar platforms to Funnelytics, but very few are easier to understand and interface with.

This service is easy to navigate, built with teams in mind, and keeps everything together without overcomplicating. Using Funnelytics will help you understand your customer better and, by extension, your business. Rather than trying out x, y, and z, hoping for a good result, Funnelytics will give you a clear path. Getting the sale is no longer a mystery when you have Funnelytics doing the leg work for you.

Know Your Customer

You’re stumbling around in the dark if you don’t understand your customer’s purchases. There are many ways to get to know your customers, surveys, reviews, and the like. But there is arguably no better way to get a clear answer from your consumer than analyzing the data. The data will give you the clearest idea of what works, what your customer wants, doesn’t want, and how well you reach your target audience. In short, analyzing the data you collect will reveal invaluable patterns. And once you understand those patterns, you can use them to your advantage.

Funnelytics essentially reveals consumer pipelines. It tracks the data that reflects engagement in your product or service and shows how that engagement has moved through the many channels of the internet. A social media share can result in a website visit, but something stops them from making a purchase. Or a cold email is sent straight to spam. An ad results in a consumer seeing it through to a purchase. Funnelytics helps you see the big picture. With all of this happening at once, it’s easy to get lost, but Funnelytics makes your consumer easy to get to know.

Better Understanding

Using Funnelytics comes with all kinds of benefits. Perhaps the most valuable of them all is the understanding you will gain of your customers and your business. Funnelytics gives you insight directly into your customers’ habits and preferences. There is no better way to get to know your customer than through data analytics. Funnelytics compiles everything and hand delivers it to you. You can hash out best practices with all this data at hand and your company’s data. There’s no more guesswork in what kind of campaigns and ads will work.

With this service, workshopping, testing, and gambling on new campaigns are a thing of the past. Funnelytics allows users to overlay their data over proposed strategies to see how things will work before anything is implemented. With Funnelytics in place, you can see where your business flows to and from. It takes a few clicks to see where your greatest marketing strengths and weaknesses lie. Figure out which of your funnels work best without spending hours and hours analyzing the data or guessing what’s working. The inner workings of your company will never be more easily readable and laid out than with Funnelytics.

Easy Layout

All the data you collect from your consumers is great but less helpful if you don’t know how to read it. So many data analytics platforms make reading and manipulating the data impossible. Everything is rarely all in one place, or it’s set up in a way that isn’t user-friendly. Funnelytics puts all of the data you’ve collected from your company and your consumer in one easy-to-access place. From the Funnelytics canvas, you can see the pathways of your consumers, see how your current strategies work, and test out tweaks.

This easy layout allows you to do more with your data. What would normally just sit and collect dust can now be easily put to work. This interface means that anyone on your team can see the data at work. Funnelytics employs an easy drag-and-drop method of putting your data to work. There are no complicated formulas or waiting for lists to generate with Funnelytics, just fast and effective results. Never lose yourself in your data again. Utilize every piece of information that comes your way without having to learn a whole new trade. The ease that Funnelytics affords you is an asset that will never wear itself out.

Team Accessibility

The ease of Funnelytics makes sense from a data analysis standpoint, but it also makes sense for a team setting. When so much of our business, be it actual sales or just day-to-day behind the scenes, is handled digitally, it’s easy for misunderstandings to arise. And misunderstandings or miscommunications regarding data can be a serious hassle. Not everyone on your team will be as well versed in deciphering data as the next person. Funnelytics essentially eliminates all of these misunderstandings.

Funnelytics will keep every member of your team on the same page. It is exceptionally easy to share everything with the team in one place. From department to department, make your data a cinch to access. With Funnelytics, everyone will know exactly what’s what and how things are moving. Keeping track of who has access to what and allowing for certain permissions over others is a massive juggling act. That’s why Funnelytics takes all of that extra workout. The people who should have the data will… end of story. Having the entire team on the same page and ensuring understanding across the board is just good business. Funnelytics makes data collection, interpretation, and sharing as simple as a click.

Good Decisions Simplified

Business is littered with good intentions gone awry. Sometimes a gamble or a leap of faith just doesn’t pay off. There’s always a risk, but Funnelytics makes the success rate higher by clarifying the path. Funnelytics isolates all of your issues, from ineffective funnels to strategies that lead to bottlenecks. It uses your data to show you what not to do, making your path to success clearer. Compare and create new and old strategies to see where improvements can be made and what will work best.

What makes Funnelytics even better is that everything is real-time. The data coming in is as up-to-date as possible, which will help you make instant decisions. You can filter by specific behavior or trends to see your options for the most optimized performance. This kind of information will save you time and money. With Funnelytics keeping everything updated and easy to decipher, you will know exactly where your attention and budget need to be. Better decision-making means less time-solving problems and more time finetuning your business. With Funnelytics, you don’t need a team of data analysts telling you what to do. Funnelytics allows you to big business decisions with confidence.

All in One

No matter where your data is coming from, Funnelytics puts it all in one place. Everything from your social media accounts, email system, ad campaigns, and even your company’s slack channel is distilled into one place. This data collection is quick and constantly updated. You’ll never be out of the loop or wondering about performance. By keeping everything in one place, Funnelytics assures you that you will never miss a thing. Forget checking every tab of a spreadsheet or waiting for an end-of-the-day report. Funnelytics gets you what you need when you need it.

There’s nothing quite as convenient as a one-stop shop. Funnelytics is just that but for data collection and analysis. All your marketing data, for whatever reason you need it, is on one screen. There is a nearly limitless amount of data out there. Being able to see all of your data at once sounds overwhelming, but Funnelytics makes it easy. You can’t keep track of it all on your own so let Funnelytics do it for you, and better than you could on your own. Using one service to care for all your data collection and analysis needs just makes sense.

Support Team

Funnelytics does a lot for your data and can do even more for you. The service does wonders with data analysis and collection, but what happens when you run into a wall or an issue the FAQ page can’t take care of? Funnelytics has your back every step of the way. From the jump, you and your company are assigned a Funnelytics agent. They will help you through every step of set-up and beyond. Experts on every facet of Funnelytics, these agents can be reached through a simple chat function and provide remote assistance.

This service does a lot, and the Funnelytics team wants to ensure that you are utilizing it completely. No matter the issue, your Funnelytics agent will be able to help you find a solution. Once you sign up for this service, you can consider them a part of your team. You can put as much trust in the Funnelytics team as you would your own company. Your success is theirs as well. You can trust the data science Funnelytics provides to give you the best information and their customer support team to give you exemplary service. Funnelytics puts you first so you can keep moving forward.


Funnelytics offers almost all of its services for free. In addition to everything already covered, a simple sign-up with Funnelytics also grants you access to:

  • FunnelHire – a function that connects you with specialists across various industries, such as coaching, real estate, and brick-and-mortar storefronts.
  • Templates – use your favorite funnels repeatedly without having to remake them every time.
  • Questions for the Algorithm – Funnelytics allows you to set up your customer journey model and ask questions about revenue and strategy. Funnelytics will then generate potential outcomes for those what-if scenarios.
  • Multiple canvases – You can create multiple canvases at once from the Funnelytics dashboard.
  • Funnelytics News – Stay updated on all the new things coming to the service.
  • How To Guides – access quick and easy guides on how to use all of the free Funnelytics features.

If you decide you want to access the full extent of what Funnelytics has to offer, you can go Pro for $990/year. A Pro membership gives users access to the Funnelytics Academy, an educational tool, and the Funnelytics Premium Vault, which provides guides and tips to better your business. Funnelytics offers demos for these more advanced services that you can book today.

The Wrap Up

Funnelytics is designed to make data analysis easier than ever. Keep your data and team together all on one page. No more snapshots or daily reports. Funnelytics puts every bit of data on one easily controlled and navigated page. Data analysis has never been as easy as drag and drop until now.  Create as many canvases and funnels as your company needs to get yourself the best picture of your business. As Funnelytics questions about your business and get real, information-backed, and data-driven answers.

Understand exactly what your customer wants and work toward giving it to them. Figure out which direction is the best for your company by simply overlaying existing data and exploring the possibilities without putting anything into action. Know for certain that your team is seeing the same version of a current plan or a proposed update. Welcome your Funnelytics agent to your team, as they will have all the answers you need.

And best of all, these amazing features are free. But if that’s not enough for you, get in touch with the Funnelytics team and request a demo for their Pro plan. Sign up for a free Funnelytics membership today to finally optimize your marketing and content strategies and become the best version of your business.

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