Marketing Strategies for BeginnersFor this #kTip, we discuss key marketing strategies for beginners to keep in mind when your business is entering the digital world.

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Welcome to another kTip with Kak Varley! I want to talk about three marketing strategies for beginners – in other words, people starting off in the digital world. There are common mistakes that I see. So let’s start with:

Always Bring Value

Always bring value when you’re posting, when you’re blogging, or when you’re adding pages to your website. Ask yourself, “So what?”, meaning will your audience care what you’re doing. Is it going to bring value to them?

There’s a comment I make a lot that goes like this: There is what we want to sell…but there is what people want to be sold. 

It’s that second part that is the most important because it really dives into knowing your audience. If you know your audience, you will have a much more successful time online. Because remember, sometimes people don’t know who you are in the digital world. They haven’t met you physically, so you have to make sure you bring value online to build trust online. But how do you do that? Have a presence online. They should be able to find you online. And especially the way the world is going, now you definitely want to be online.

Brand Consistency

You want to have brand consistency. Make sure that no matter where anybody goes, they know they are at your business. Common colors, fonts, images, things of that nature. Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or your website, make sure your brand is consistent across the board. That will provide a level of trust for customers and potential customers.

Make It Easy

They say content is king. We’re building a lot of content online these days, and people will say content is king. What I say is content is garbage if it doesn’t have structure. People need to be able to find your content easily. So structure your content, categorize it, and make it easy for them to find.

And those are the 3 marketing strategies for beginners…

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