Sendspark is completely changing the way businesses approach email. Best practices for mass emailing, cold emailing, and follow-up have changed here and there over the years, but Sendspark is taking it even further. This marketing tool is all about ease. Rather than putting down the same copy over and over, Sendspark is all about video emails. Put a face to the name at the end of every newsletter or special offer you send throughout the year. With Sendspark, your business will no longer be a faceless entity taking up space in someone’s inbox. Video email has been shown to increase engagement and improve relationships with customers and clients. You don’t need an entire studio or any special software to create an appealing video email, Sendspark gives you all you need on one platform. Using video over traditional email will set your company apart by showing prospects that you are innovative, personable, and creative.


You don’t have to have a film degree or any special equipment to make a great video email; all you need is Sendspark and a webcam. A simple browser extension, Sendspark is a one-stop shop for video production, editing, and sending. Sendspark makes it even easier by offering its users all kinds of templates. Templates make mass-sending videos a breeze and can be used with just four easy steps. You’ll first customize your template by loading a header, some quick copy, and any call-to-action you’d like the receiver to follow. These templates are great for streamlining your video emailing process. Once you have all of the templates you want all you have to do is shoot the video, pick the right template, and send it off.

You can make as many video emails whatever you need them to be with Sendspark. Whether you’re sending a follow-up, engaging with a prospect, or thanking a customer for their engagement Sendspark can help you do it fast. You won’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you press record. Sending personal video messages to your client base has never been easier than with this platform. Templates are great for time-saving and keeping everything that comes out of your accounts uniform, instead of taking extra time every time you need to craft an email, just queue up a template and move on to the next thing. Your customers and prospects will feel supported, informed, and connected to you and your business with the help of Sendspark.

Drives Engagement

Everyone has a full schedule and a full email inbox nowadays. Most email servers will filter messages for you, keeping your inbox relatively clean. An organizational revelation can also be a downfall for businesses and corporations that send out promotional and cold emails. It’s incredibly common for these to end up in the spam or promotional folders and are never looked at due to a lack of interest. But Sendspark drives engagement by nature. By using video email you are setting yourself up for higher conversions and engagement. As a matter of fact, Sendspark has the numbers to back video email up:

  • 18% higher open rates with video in the subject
  • 3x higher conversions
  • 59% of workers would rather watch a video than read text
  • 30% larger annual contract rates for emails with video

People are tired of getting the same old email. Even if they open promotional emails, it’s usually to clear out a notification. But with Sendspark, your message will come through loud and clear, literally. Making it possible for your business to promote itself as if in the room with consumers makes sense. Sending videos as a primary mode of communication isn’t common practice for businesses, which is exactly why you should do it. Setting yourself apart in a world where so many markets are over-saturated is never a bad choice. And with something as easy to use as video email with Sendspark, it’s a no-brainer.

Reinventing Follow-up

Creating follow-up can take trial and error, but it’s easier with Sendspark. Follow-up is a tentpole of almost any business. It’s how you maintain existing clients, convert prospects, and even warm up cold leads. Follow-up is so important that it’s usually one of the core tasks of the day, which means there’s often a formula to it. When things become formulaic, they get stale quickly, and people are less likely to engage with an email they’ve gotten a hundred times before. That’s where Sendspark gives you an advantage. Video emailing is so much friendlier and more personable than a page of text. Reading an email and being greeted by a real person are two entirely different experiences.

By using Sendspark for your follow-up, you are creating a more inviting message for your prospects. The message you are putting out there by using Sendspark is that your business cares about connecting. It is easier to connect with a face on a screen than to assign meaning to a nice design and a wall of text. Just because most everything is handled digitally today doesn’t mean your business has to lose that personal touch. Sendspark will help you create personal ties with your clientele with the simple push of a button.

If your follow-up numbers have taken a hit lately, it’s time to think outside the box. Cool graphics and snappy copy work when they work, but video email is a proven winner.

Easy Integrations and Shareability

Sendspark will revolutionize your outreach and communication process across the board. Not only do you stand out with video email, but Sendspark makes it easy to send anywhere. Your videos can reach people through email, any messaging app, or even a text message. Reach people wherever they are and are most likely to engage in what you say. Sendspark videos can be sent through LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and similar platforms. Creating these videos for options other than email is just as simple and has the potential to be even more effective.

Sendspark is easy to use, no matter your preferred browser, social media platform, calendar system, sales platform, or CRM Integration system. Integration is instant for some platforms, like Google Chrome, Gmail, and HubSpot. Others require extra installation, but because Sendspark is about making your business easier, they also offer guides that will get everything installed in minutes or less. Sendspark meets you where you are so you can more easily reach your target audience wherever they are.

There are so few bumps in the roads and growing pains with Sendspark that it will feel like you’ve been using it the whole time. This platform is designed to be easy for you and your team to operate and for your consumers to interact with. Keep all of your accounts active and in order, add Sendspark.


In business, no matter the business, personalization goes a long way. Remembering someone’s name can leave such a lasting impression that they become a loyal customer for life. Sendspark makes personalization in the digital age easy. No matter the size of your business or contact list, you can make videos that feel tailor-made in bulk. This is one of the advantages of connecting with video. Sendspark makes it possible to send customized and personalized to each of your clients, even in bulk.

With simple things like adding text or pop-ups to your video with a client’s name or company name, don’t take any extra time through Sendspark. With the magic of those templates, you can let Sendspark do the brunt of the work for you and still make everyone feel included and seen. You can also use existing videos and stitch the personalized bit afterward. Sendspark offers several different personalization methods, but they’re all easy to do and impactful to send.

No one has ever complained about something being too personalized. Remembering and using names is one of the first rules of most jobs that include customer interaction, and Sendspark makes it possible to follow that rule through mass email. Even if you haven’t and never will meet your consumers in person, Sendspark makes it feel like you have.


One great thing about videos is the interactive element they offer. Sendspark leans into that fact by making their videos collaborative in and out of the office. For one, you can use Sendspark throughout your company to help build up your brand. Request a video from your sales team or even your CEO to help customers and prospects get a better feel for your work culture and brand. With these video emails, you can show and tell your prospects exactly who your team is and what your business is about. Short of providing an office tour on your company website, this is the quickest and easiest way to introduce your business to your customers.

And by that same token, you can also use Sendspark to request videos from customers. You can request a video through a simple link from established customers to create testimonials and promotions. Completely change your testimonials page by showing prospects who uses your goods or services and how pleased they are. You can use Sendspark to collect feedback as well as testimonials. Hear what requests or concerns people have about your business in their own words, and get a better understanding of who you are servicing at the same time.

Sendspark is also a great way to conduct multi-step interviews. Video interviews have increased over the last decade, and Sendspark is a great avenue to add that to your hiring process. Include a link and a series of questions to your applicants, making your screening process much easier.

Video Analytics

There’s always a sense of apprehension when trying new things. But Sendspark puts its clients at ease with its comprehensive video analytics. Sendspark tracks everything about the videos, from who you send it to, to how far into the video they watched. You can use these data points to fine-tune your pipeline and make any adjustments to your sending strategies and the content you’re creating. Sendspark even lets you check stats on physical location demographics. By tracking IP addresses, Sendspark can tell you where your videos perform best and where they fall short.

And Sendspark saves all of these stats as well. So you can look back and see which of your videos had the highest overall performance. With information like this, you will know without question what works and what doesn’t so that you can optimize each video. Not only does Sendspark keep tabs on everything for you, but it also notifies you when you get likes, views, and opens. These notifications feed directly back into follow-up. Sendspark can tighten up your entire outreach and cold emailing process. Analytics are vital for almost every aspect of the business, but these numbers can completely change how you connect with prospects.

The more info you have on your own business, the better. Rather than creating one more thing for you to take care of, Sendspark creates a new way for you to reach people and informs on itself. These video analytics can tell you if there’s something to be improved that you hadn’t even considered before Sendspark.


The pricing and membership structures for Sendspark are simple. You have four options: Free, Pro, Business, and Enterprise, and you can sign up for either monthly or annual payments.


The Free plan is only for single users and those just starting. At $0 whether you choose the monthly or annual payment setup, the Free plan provides users with the following:

  • 30 free videos
  • No video time limits
  • Record and share videos
  • Request videos


The Pro plan is the middle tier plan and costs $15/month on the monthly plan or $144 annually, which works out to $12/month. The Pro plan only supports one user, but it offers everything the Free plan does as well as:

  • Unlimited videos
  • Dynamic variables
  • Your logo and brand colors
  • Video call-to-action
  • Detailed analytics on all videos


The Business plan is the next step and is great for midsized teams. At $29.80/user/month on the monthly plan and $25.80/user/month on the Business plan takes everything from the first two plans and builds further:

  • Starts at five user licenses
  • Custom domain
  • Removes Sendspark branding
  • Admin dashboard
  • CRM integrations


The Enterprise plan is the last and greatest that Sendspark has to offer. To get pricing and details for this plan, set up a meeting with the Sendspark team, and they will happily give you a demo.

Sendspark knows we are a heavily media-influenced society and uses that to help you sell. Setting up an email blast is easy enough, but it’s also boring. Sendspark reinvigorates that entire process. These videos can help prospects better know your business and create stronger bonds. Using video email strengthens sales numbers, engagement, and prospect conversions. It is easy to create and send the videos you want, collect data on them, and use that data to influence your company’s path. You don’t have to have a dedicated media or graphics team to use Sendspark; all it takes is a webcam and a template. Make your company more approachable with Sendspark; before long, you’ll be reaping all the benefits.

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