Sales Tools ListIn a previous article, we wrote up a list of all the recommended marketing tools that we use here at Kak Varley. Now we want to take some time to give specific attention to the sales side of the world. As such, we will take a deeper look at sales tools…

As our work lives quickly move toward the Digital World, sales tools (otherwise known as sales enablement tools) are more crucial than ever before. This is especially true for sales professionals who are hunters, as their prospecting is an integral part of revenue generation.

However, some salespeople have a phobia when it comes to cold sales. And for those that aren’t scared, cold selling is often an inefficient use of time. So how do you help salespeople be more comfortable with prospecting and cold sales? At the same time, how do you make their efforts more effective to build confidence? The answer is most certainly in email.

Email has been a highly effective tool of communication for decades now. On its own, it provides a lot of efficiency in daily communications. However, it has its limitations if you want to sell something through email. It especially falls short when trying to reach a larger audience on a repeated basis. As an example, email clients like Outlook and Gmail generally don’t have mail-merge functionalities, so you can reach a lot of people at one time. They also don’t have a lot of automation capabilities, so you can reach out to people on a repeated basis.

So how do you leverage email to its fullest extent? How can we make it work for us even more than it does today? Enter sales tools like these…

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the ultimate tool for finding the specific people you want to reach out to. Buying the LinkedIn Premium subscription also means you get their Sales Navigator. Sales Navigator provides search filters that allow you to narrow down your audience to the greatest extent. By narrowing down your audience, you’ll have more success in reaching not just a person but the right person. This is otherwise known as audience targeting.


Sellhack is one of many sales tools that allows you to discover peoples’ email addresses. Download their extension to your favorite browser and then bring up your filtered search on Sales Navigator. The Sellhack prospecting feature will automatically recognize the contacts from your search. Click the “Add All” button and it will dump all those contacts, with their email addresses, into the email list you created.


Replyify will be your cold email solution. Replyify allows you to send a series of emails to people over a scheduled period of time. Create all your emails, schedule a campaign, add the emails from Sellhack, and you’re ready to go…

Once the campaigns are launched, Replyify will present you with valuable reporting. It will show you who and how many people:

  • Opened the emails.
  • Clicked on any links in the emails.
  • Replied to you.

This information will come in handy when determining what is (or what is not) working, so you can make adjustments to improve your future campaigns.

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