Internal linking is important for your online business and Link Whisper is here to help. Link Whisper is a Shopify and WordPress compatible plugin that streamlines your internal linking process. Better internal linking practices will help to strengthen your online presence by making your most important content more accessible. Not only that, but Link Whisper will also keep an eye on the health of your internal links by telling you if anything is ever broken or looks unsafe. By linking your desired keywords to your own links Link Whisper will be able to assign the best links for the job every time. And you’ll know right away what works and what doesn’t thanks to the reports Link Whisper provides. Figuring out which internal links will work the best and be the most effective can be a challenge, one that you might not have time for, but Link Whisper completely removes that task. 

Internal linking auto suggestion feature

Type prediction and autofill have been a total game changer, so why not let Link Whisper do that for your website? Link Whisper pulls from your website as you go to suggest the best options. As you start typing up your content in WordPress Link Whisper will automatically start generating link suggestions. It pulls from your entire website in real time so the only limitation you have is your own catalog. Link Whisper won’t just assign a link for you, it gives dozens of options at a time depending on how much content you already have and what you’re writing at the moment. 

This suggestion feature will save you time and effort in more ways than one. Because Link Whisper knows your website better than you do it will pull the best options every time. All you have to do is check a box and push publish. This will keep you from combing through your archives and deciding which links might be best. Your best guess versus Link Whisper’s AI is an easy equation to figure out. Link Whisper will also suggest links in places you might not have thought of on your own. 

This simple feature puts every link you’ve got right at your fingertips without any extra research or planning. No more keeping lists and double checking your usage, because everything you need to know will pop up on its own. Make internal linking less of a guessing game and more of a certainty with Link Whisper. 

Improve your website rankings with better internal linking

Having a better grasp on your internal linking strategies will bolster your content and make you a more active presence online. Having good internal link practices is key to a stronger SEO score. Link Whisper will keep your content from getting old and stale by recycling it to where it will best fit. You will never have to worry about having orphan or unused content because Link Whisper will get everything that needs to be seen right at the forefront. Link Whisper lets you see which links need a bit more attention and how they can fit into the current content. 

If you have an established website from before a Link Whisper install you can also go back through and update those internal links. Freshen up old content with better internal links and make sure that everything is being distributed effectively across your platform. Knowing that the links you need are getting where they need to be for the best chance of success is Link Whisper’s biggest and best function. 

Not only does Link Whisper pull from your existing website, it can pull from other websites you own as well. Connecting your websites is the best way to ensure your own success. The auto suggestion feature will pull from all websites you have connected through Link Whisper, upping exposure for all of your businesses and platforms. This is easy integration for all of the business you run with minimal effort. Do yourself a favor and install Link Whisper to all of your sites. 

Connecting links and keywords for an SEO boost

Target keywords are the only way to get ahead in the world of ecommerce, and Link Whisper can help. Using Link Whisper in your mission to rank high in SEO is an advantage you don’t want to miss out on. By simply telling Link Whisper which target keywords you’re looking to rank with the plugin will do the rest. Link Whisper combs through your content to decide which articles will do best for cross linking based on keyword engagement. Keeping the most relevant articles front and center will give you a little SEO boost with every post. As you write more to engage more with your keywords Link Whisper will do the rest by keeping similar content up as well. 

This plugin will also help you figure out how effective your keywords are and how you can improve. With the analytics and reports Link Whisper supplies you can figure out if things are progressing as they should. 

Link Whisper also works in tandem with established SEO plugins. Link Whisper works with other platforms like Yoast SEO, One SEO, and Rank Math to pull your established target keywords rather than making you put them all in again. With Link Whisper you have an extra set of AI eyes keeping tabs on your SEO keywords. Deciding which links are the most relevant for certain content can take a lot of research and analysis. But this easy to use AI makes that process completely automated. Add and adjust your target keywords with Link Whisper. 

Link reporting

Link Whisper is all about making sure your links work for you—and step one of that is making sure your links work. Link Whisper reports on your link usage. It breaks down your internal and external link usage so that you have the best idea of what is going on on your website. It shows you exactly what is going on, from internal links to orphaned posts. Having these numbers in front of you whenever you need them will give you a more complete idea of your website’s functionality. And the best part is that they are all on one easy to access dashboard. 

Your links are the most important part of your website, you have to make sure that they work. One of Link Whisper’s main job is to check on the health of your links, whether that’s their share numbers or their function. You’ll never have to worry about mysterious broken links on your website going unnoticed because Link Whisper finds them right away. On that same link dashboard Link Whisper reports all of your broken links and 404 pages so you have an eye on them before they cause any problems. 

Link Whisper makes it easy to take care of these links by either editing or removing through the plugin. By using Link Whisper you’ll know that the health of your website is optimized at all times. You will never again lose traffic to broken links or unavailable pages because Link Whisper brings them directly to your attention. 

Traffic reports

Because Link Whisper is all about the effectiveness of your website it also provides comprehensive analytics. Using Google Search Console Link Whisper pulls live traffic reports for your website. With these reports you’ll know how impactful your keywords are, the general traffic of your site, and your average SEO position at a given time. This information is vital to maintaining the strength of your website. Link Whisper’s traffic reports give analytics on average SEO position, number of clicks, impression, and CTR. Understanding the innerworkings of your website is insight you need to keep things moving forward. There are several ways to get these kinds of analytics but Link Whisper is an all in one service. 

Paying attention to everything going on when it comes to your website can be a lot to take care of. There are so many sources and important numbers to keep track of from moment to moment. But with Link Whisper most everything you need is provided for you with a simple opt-in. 

Link Whisper’s traffic reports also give you some amount of guidance in improving your practices. If you notices your SEO position isn’t moving up or is actually starting to slip you can make informed adjustments. The number of clicks reported can inform on which internal or external links you might want to push forward over others. Link Whisper takes everything you need to know about your website and it’s position on the internet at large and in doing so gives you paths to move forward. 

Link Whisper pricing

Link Whisper has an incredibly simple pricing set up. There are four prices, all charged annually and all with very easy to understand features and services. Every plan under Link Whisper will receive the following: 

  • All features 
  • Get Smart internal links
  • Full internal links reporting 
  • Billed annually until cancelled

The price structure depends on how many websites you are looking to register. The more websites the higher the price tag but the services remain consistent across the board. So there’s no up selling for specific features or upgrade plans. Link Whisper keeps things simple and transparent when it comes to your website and their pricing structure. Link Whisper had four set plans:

  • 1 site license – $77
  • 3 site license – $177
  • 10 site license – $167
  • 50 websites – $347

You can also add these plans together if you have a number of websites in need of support that is outside of these set numbers. 

Link Whisper has all of the tools you need to create and maintain your strongest SEO performance and internal linking strategies. This is a simple plugin that does so much work for you. It is easily integrated into your established WordPress or Shopify accounts and not only helps you improve going forward but let’s you redo some of the past to bump up success. 

Providing analytics and information that come from both Google Search Counsil and internal sources Link Whisper keeps your finger on the pulse of every aspect of your online presence. Know which links are working and how well they are working all in one fell swoop. Understand your SEO position and get some insight into how you can improve or pivot. Keep all of your websites under one umbrella so that you can stay connected like never before. The automated advantages of Link Whisper start with making internal and external linking stronger and carries on to giving you vital information about your website’s performance. 

With Link Whisper you will have a better handle and understanding of your website than you would with almost any other plugin. Link Whisper is easy to use, super in-depth, and provides an incredible amount of information that will only help you succeed no matter your business. 

Kak Varley
Kak VarleyChief Digital Officer
Kak Varley got the internet bug right at its inception. He started in 2015 to help businesses grow and scale using various sales and inbound marketing methodologies. With 25+ years experience in Sales and has certainly mastered the sales craft and now focuses on helping businesses grow and scale.