You put a lot of time, effort, and money into ads for your company. Make sure they are protected with ClickCease.

The internet has its fair share of bots and fraudsters, and your ads could be vulnerable. ClickCease is a top-rated fraud prevention platform for Google and Facebook ads. With ClickCease, you will have a safety net, an extra set of eyes keeping your ads safe from scammers and competitors out to waste your money. Not only does ClickCease keep your ads safe and heading to the right people, but it also gives you tons of info on how your ads perform.

This opens the door for better strategy analysis, ways to improve your ad campaigns, and a more complete picture of exactly where your ads are headed. Your ads are too important to leave them unprotected. Make sure you have the best first line of defense with ClickCease. 

ClickCease Blocks Bad Traffic

ClickCease knows bad traffic when it comes around. And that’s saying something because there are so many different types of bad clicks. ClickCease can recognize good traffic and block the bad. Bad traffic includes bots, click farms, fake clicks, and competitors and brand haters. By tracking every click your company experiences and analyzing that data, ClickCease can pinpoint where the bad patches are. Once ClickCease has identified a bad click, that IP address is blocked from engaging with your ads and pages. Keep your ads safe from entities that have no intention of serious or meaningful interaction.

Nearly half of the traffic on the internet is generated by bots and the like. But that doesn’t mean they get to dominate your ad space. Bots, click farms, and fake clicks are all schemes geared toward falsely inflating your traffic and Google score without actually seeing revenue results. This drains your advertising budget without getting any additional sales boost. Non-human bad clicks are one thing, but you also have to watch out for the people behind the clicks. Competitors and people against your brand will often operate the same way as the machines, but they have more to gain. By tanking your ad budget, your competitor can boost their own Google rating, and a hater can trash your marketing strategies. But with ClickCease, you know that every click that comes through is genuine and promising. 

Ad Improvement 

More than just keeping them secure, ClickCease gives you an idea of how to improve your ads. Because ClickCease is constantly tracking engagement, it can let you know where your ads are strong and where they fall short. You will know when people click on and off of your ads. This kind of data is instrumental in noticing patterns in content consumption. With this data gathered from ClickCease, you will know exactly how your ads perform. Ads are all about user experience and connecting with your target audience. If your ads aren’t doing that, then they might as well just be going to the bots. 

ClickCease is an invaluable tool for security and overall brand improvement. Rather than wasting time and money on ads that won’t work, ClickCease will show you exactly where your problem is. If an ad is underperforming altogether, you’ll know before long, thanks to ClickCease’s constant monitoring. Getting clicks can be hard to do, it’s even harder if you’re flying blind regarding how your ads are being received. You want to ensure that your budget is going toward solid marketing strategies and ads that drive sales. And it’s so much better to have this information sooner than later. Keep an eye on your marketing strategy in real-time with ClickCease. 

ClickCease helps with GoogleAds Refunds

ClickCease even takes on refunds for you. If your ad experiences high levels of fraud and you can prove it, you will want your money back. Unfortunately, submitting and processing a Google Ads refund can be a nightmare. Getting a refund for just about anything is a process, but GoogleAds is a different beast. And it’s not hard to understand why. It is Google, after all. But ClickCease will not only let you know when you are eligible for a refund but help you get through the process. When an ad of yours is frauded, ClickCease will help you file your Google Ads refund request. And because they know fraud, they know the refund procedure. Jump through far fewer hoops by reaching out to ClickCease support instead of going it alone. 

While refunds are ultimately up to Google, ClickCease is always in your corner. Having done it a time or two, your ClickCease agent will know all of the inner workings of the claims process and save you a lot of time and trouble. ClickCease protects your budget even after fraud has occurred. This is truly comprehensive care from one platform. Even if your ads have fallen victim to fraud, that doesn’t mean it’s all over. ClickCease might be in the business of prevention, but it won’t shy away from reimbursement when it’s necessary. 

The Better Keyword Advantage

There is no underselling the importance of keywords in digital marketing. Keywords truly are the law of the land. If you aren’t using the proper keywords, you’ll get nowhere fast. But ClickCease can help you corner the market on the best keywords for your business. ClickCease keeps tabs on your online business, and this includes keyword tracking. It can tell when your keywords are under threat or when you’re being pushed out as number one. This also means that you have a bit of an insider advantage on what your competition is up to. 

By tracking these very specific and important bits of information, ClickCease can get you the ad copy and information from competitors. With that information, you can see what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and how it impacts your business. Understanding what the competition is up to will help inform your countermeasures and keep your keywords. Thwart any attempt on your keywords before they gain any amount of traction. This is just another way that ClickCease can help you do more than keep your ads safe from fraud. Competition is natural in any industry, but that doesn’t always mean it’s pretty or friendly. ClickCease will give you all of the tools and information you need to stay on top with effective, safe ads that use the keywords you need. 

ClickCease Dashboard

This might all seem like a lot of data and figures to keep track of—and it is. But ClickCease keeps everything nice and organized, and easy to navigate. ClickCease won’t keep anything secret from you. Everything that’s tracked will be at the touch of your fingertips. And with every click being monitored, that really stacks up. And with that wealth of data comes a whole new set of possibilities and opportunities for you to improve your ad strategies and design. Figure out where your content is working, for whom, and any possible way for you to improve. 

With ClickCease, your entire ad design is stripped bare and broken down into data. You will be able to see not just how many clicks and views your ad received but the duration of the viewing, where the viewing occurred, and on what kind of device. It goes one step further by tracking the browser, ISP, the ever-valuable keywords, and a ton more. No matter how much of a handle you have on your company, there’s always something new to learn. ClickCease’s data can help you crack your company wide open. There might be elements and audiences you’d never considered before trusting ClickCease with your business. Learn everything possible about your audience and your business with ClickCease, all while protecting your ad investment from fraud. 

Customization Of ClickCease For The Perfect Fit

ClickCease knows how many different kinds of fraud threats are out there, even if you don’t. ClickCease can also assess which threats you are most vulnerable to and monitor them accordingly. With customizable features that will help ClickCease fit perfectly to your needs, you will know that every one of your ads is safe. Tailoring your filters to monitor certain threats can be a total game-changer. Monitor exactly what you want without having to worry about missing a thing. Your business isn’t like any other, so why would you treat ad security like anyone else?

ClickCease aims to keep your ads fraud-free in the digital world, and this bit of customization is just one way of doing that. Set filters for anything from geo-targeting to device detection. You get to decide who and where in the world has access to your ads, and ClickCease helps keep them safe. ClickCease also offers custom thresholds for anything they might be missing in their preset options. A fully customized experience is going to make monitoring your specific company and ads easier. Keep yourself protected on all sides with ClickCease. ClickCease knows fraud prevention and protection, and you know your company, put the two together, and you’re in great shape for success. 


There are three tiers in ClickCease’s pricing structure, each building off of the next to create the perfect package for you. Each option comes in either a monthly or yearly payment plan and can be canceled at any time. If you’d like to test ClickCease out before you buy, check out the 7-day free trial. 


The Standard plan is the first option after the week-long free trial. This plan can be purchased for $69 per month or $55 a month on the annual plan. This plan includes the following:

  • Covers 5k monthly protected visits
  • Protection for 1 platform
  • AdSpy competitors 3
  • Google Ads or Facebook Ads
  • Protect 1 website
  • Bot protection for WordPress websites
  • Competitor ad analysis – up to 3 words
  • ClickCease AI detection algorithm
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Email notifications of fraud
  • Insightful dashboard
  • IPv6 Support
  • Account sharing


Right after the Standard plan comes Pro. Pro Includes everything in Standard plus an increase in protected sites and visits. For the Pro plan, you can budget out for $89 a month or $71 a month for the annual plan.

  • Covers up to 10k monthly protected visits
  • Protection for 2 platforms Google Ads and Facebook Ads
  • Bot protection for WordPress websites
  • Protect up to 5 websites
  • AdSpy competitors 10
  • Competitor ad analysis – up to 10 words
  • Cross-domain blocking
  • Account overview
  • Session recording


ClickCease’s most premium plan is the Advanced plan. This plan is everything ClickCease can offer. At $109 a month or $87 a month on the annual plan, Advanced users will be provided with the following:


  • Covers up to 10k monthly protected visits 
  • Protection for 2 platforms Google Ads and Facebook Ads
  • Bot protection for WordPress websites
  • AdSpy competitors 100
  • Protection for 30 websites
  • Competitor ad analysis – up to 100 keywords
  • Whitelabel exportable reports
  • Benchmark analysis
  • Multiple domain setup
  • Account management

ClickCease is more than just a fraud protector, it’s a way for you to create better ads and a more successful company. First and foremost, ClickCease is here to protect your ads from fraud. And, by extension, protecting your budget. You don’t want your ads falling prey to fraud for a number of reasons, and ClickCease keeps all of those reasons in mind. No matter what kind of fraud is out there, be it human or bot, ClickCease sees to it that they don’t take over your business or ad budget. And they even give you the option to decide what you want to keep an eye on with their custom filters. 

With the comprehensive tracking that ClickCease performs, you will have access to the finest details of your ads’ presence. You’ll gain invaluable knowledge about your own business with the help of ClickCease. Know exactly who clicks on your ads and how long they are sticking around. Never leave the impact of an ad up to guesswork again because you’ll know down to the frame what is working and what can be adjusted. Keep your ads safe from fraud, your keywords safe from competitors, and your budget well distributed, all with the information that ClickCease puts right at your fingertips. And with highly competitive price tags for companies across industries and of all sizes, there’s a very slim chance that ClickCease isn’t for you.

A lot goes into getting an ad online, you have to make sure it’s protected and effective. ClickCease has the tools and expertise to ensure that your ads are at top performance and perception at all times. 

Kak Varley
Kak VarleyChief Digital Officer
Kak Varley got the internet bug right at its inception. He started in 2015 to help businesses grow and scale using various sales and inbound marketing methodologies. With 25+ years experience in Sales and has certainly mastered the sales craft and now focuses on helping businesses grow and scale.