How to Get More Reach on LinkedInFor this #kTip, we discuss ways to get more reach on LinkedIn

Hey there. It’s Kak from here with another Ktip. Let’s talk about how to get more reach on LinkedIn. 

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Reaching on LinkedIn

What do I mean by reach? Reach is how many people actually see the content you put on LinkedIn. Normally we all post on LinkedIn, and LinkedIn doesn’t mind that, but they would prefer that you do an article. Articles are done through LinkedIn’s blogging feature, formerly known as LinkedIn Plus.

Posting Properly 

They want your content in their blogging solution. They use algorithms to present your content to more people if you use their Articles function. If you publish content as a post rather than an article, it will be presented to fewer people. Furthermore, because none of these platforms like people leaving, they want to bring people in and they want people to stay.

Link Carefully 

If you have a post that has an external link, that’s a link that goes outside of LinkedIn, they even give you less of an audience. Think about that. A post with an external link is going to give you very little reach. A post with no external link is going to give you a better reach. If you do an article, however, it’s going to give you the best reach on LinkedIn.

That’s how you do it, folks. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to me. By the way, I am offering a free digital assessment for those that want to improve on their online world, their digital world, if you will. Just go to and do the digital assessment. It’s only two minutes. There’s a form that you fill out. Then what I do is I provide you an assessment back. Sounds like a sweet deal to me. No obligations. How can I help you out? Do the assessment, okay? Thanks a bunch folks and we’ll see you again. Bye.

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