Why it is Important to Own Your ContentFor this #kTip, we discuss why it is important to own your content and be a content creator. 

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I want to talk about why it’s important to create and own your content. Did you know that Google favors online businesses that build valuable, structured content? It’s true. They do. So let’s talk about the difference between curation and creation.

How Curation Works

Curation is when you’re sharing or forwarding somebody else’s content that they’ve created. You see this a lot in news and entertainment. You’ll see something, and then you’ll share it. I do it all the time. If I see something, maybe a band’s made an announcement about an album or something like that, I will share that to help the band out. And that’s essentially what you’re doing with curation. You’re helping the content creator, so all the traffic is going back to the content creator.

Defining Creation

Well, now let’s talk about creating your own content. If you create your own content, all that traffic comes back to you. And by the way, when you’re building that content and publishing it, it lives on the internet forever, especially if you do it in an evergreen style. So that content continues to bring traffic to you because you’re creating that content. You own that content.

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