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Octopus CRM is the easiest way to get more out of your LinkedIn account… 

Octopus CRM is an automated LinkedIn software that gets more out of the platform than you could on your own. By implementing this technology, you will be able to increase the efficiency of your profile on several fronts. From automated messaging to integrating information to other platforms, Octopus CRM streamlines and enhances your online business experience. Reasonably priced and powerful, this software will help take your LinkedIn strategies to the next level. 

Automated and Improved Connection 

The whole point of LinkedIn is to stay connected. This marketing tool gets straight to that point and then some. With Octopus CRM, users can connect with their audience directly without having to lift a finger. Its outreach aspect is fully automated. You will be able to build your audience through personalized automated messages and connection requests that will allow you to convert from prospect to client. 

Octopus CRM also allows you to refine your leads. You will be able to filter out those who don’t fit the bill and add those who do onto your personal dashboard. The software keeps everything organized as each step is met. Sort prospects from the connection phase, divide them into different groups depending on their response status and eventually accumulate a team. By utilizing this feature, everything has a place, and nothing will slip through the cracks. 

This is an elegant and worry-free solution to a crucial element of LinkedIn. Rather than dedicating your time to reaching out to potential clients, Octopus CRM will do it all for you.  This feature takes the worry of follow-up off the table completely. 

Metric evaluation 

One great thing about LinkedIn is the data it collects. The numbers they keep track of are the easiest way for you to keep track of how your marketing strategies are going over. It will let you observe and keep track of all of these with ease. The data sets they monitor include the social selling index, general campaign performance, and views and searches of your profile. 

This software will keep track of all of these numbers and make them easily viewable, rather than having to hunt them down. Everything is side by side with this tool. Bringing simplicity and ease to this element of LinkedIn will save you time and effort. Being able to distill everything into an easily viewed data set you will be able to compare everything and take notes on how and what needs to improve. Change dates to track progress and even customize the range you are looking at with a few simple selections. 

Octopus CRM puts everything together and at your fingertips.  These metrics are crucial to building your business up, on and off of LinkedIn. Octopus CRM ensures that your data is made available for whatever uses you require. 

Platform Integration 

Having all of those data metrics in one place is great, but plenty of business happens off of LinkedIn. With Octopus CRM, you will be able to take that data and integrate it into different apps and platforms. This software allows you to take what you have on LinkedIn and put it elsewhere. 

Compatible with Zapier, Hubspot, Google Docs, and more, you can do with your data what you please. Campaigns on Octopus CRM are then automated onto these platforms for further action. If you pair it with a secondary platform that data will be taken to the next level in how it can be utilized. Further automating your campaign analysis comes with that much more freedom. From the data that Octopus CRM collects, you will then be able to share it with your team, use it to drive business, and put it toward whatever next step your team needs. 

Without Octopus CRM, data collection and integration is a much less streamlined process. This platform is the picture of effectiveness in what it will do for your business. No data point will go overlooked or unseen, and the afforded transferability is top-notch. 

Activity Control 

Octopus CRM also offers an activity control feature for its users. The software monitors the amount of activity your profile is receiving and notifies you of excess threatening activity. Too much activity on your account will indicate a lack of safety. More than that, Octopus CRM will allow you to control this activity. 

With all of the services that Octopus CRM already provides, activity control is a full safety net. This feature handles yet another crucial element of your LinkedIn profile without you having to do much leg work. The software won’t manage your activity for you, but the notification is immediate. 

Keeping your hard-earned data and clients safe, Octopus CRM has you covered on all sides. 

LinkedIn Makeover

LinkedIn, like any social media platform, requires a certain amount of upkeep. There are certain things you can do to make your profile more appealing to prospects and certain mistakes you’re surely making. Octopus CRM will not only correct those mistakes but completely revamp and customize your profile. The Octopus team will be able to pump up your profile with things like improved content for SEO and improved profile headlines to boost visibility. 

These improvements have several benefits to your overall LinkedIn appearance. Letting Octopus CRM makeover your profile will create a cleaner all-over appearance. Having your profile shined up will build your company’s reputation and boost your online presence. The better your profile looks, the more people will want to visit. Having these improvements implemented also has the potential to increase your conversion rate within the website itself. 

From skill and endorsement overviews to one-of-a-kind backgrounds, it will make for a unique page. The profiles Octopus CRM creates are guaranteed to be top tier in quality, performance, and attention-grabbing. 

Customization is king in the business world. You have to do everything you can to make sure you stand out. Octopus CRM has all of the tools and expertise you could need to make an eye-catching profile. “LinkedIn makeover” is an additional feature on Octopus CRM, not included in any of the plans. Currently, this can be purchased for $299. 

Plenty of Plans

Octopus CRM offers several tiered plans for its users. Each has a specific audience in mind both with its services and its pricing. Split into monthly and annual, Octopus’s services are divided into four plans. Starter, Pro, Advanced, and Unlimited, each has their own benefits. 

For those just beginning on LinkedIn, Starter ($6.99/month for the annual option or $9.99/month for the monthly option) includes automated personalized communications with standard and premium users and stats. The grandest plan, Unlimited ($24.99/month for the annual option or $39.99/month for the monthly option), is for those who are looking to get the absolute most out of LinkedIn. 

Unlimited includes all that Starter does, as well as bulk automated messaging, skill endorsements and profile viewing, and data exports and integrations, the ability to funnel prospects,  and activity control. Pro ($9.99/month annually, $14.99/month monthly) and Advanced ($14.99/month annually, $21.99/month monthly) fill in the blanks between Starter and Advanced, so there is something for everyone. 

Each of these plans was designed with different forms of business in mind. Not only do their services cater to every level of business, but their pricing does as well. Each plan is obligation-free for 7 days. No credit card is necessary, and you can unsubscribe at any time. 

Octopus CRM has the ability to optimize your LinkedIn profile in nearly every way. Putting together all of the right elements will enhance your campaigns and strategies on the platform. Baseline, Octopus CRM users will be able to communicate and connect more effectively with prospects through the automated systems. 

You’ll be able to do more than ever before with your data. Tracking your data is a cinch with this software. Data collection and comparisons are as easy as a simple button click. With Octopus CRM you’ll be able to track progress better than ever and use those numbers to increase the success of your campaigns. Along with collecting this data, Octopus CRM will help you protect it with its activity control alerts. 

Finally, using Octopus CRM will give you a unique opportunity to build a first-class account. The improvements Octopus CRM is capable of making will increase visibility, aesthetic appeal, and traffic. On top of all of these services, Octopus CRM has pricing that can’t be beaten. 

If your business could use some help on LinkedIn, give Octopus CRM a “go”! They’ve got plenty of options to help you improve your overall LinkedIn experience.

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