Groove is the tool that puts everything you need in one place. Groove is the fastest growing and one of the most comprehensive tools on the market. No matter what you need, Groove has the tool to help you improve. This platform puts it all together, from blog and mail assistance to funneling systems and automation services. Using Groove for all of your CRM and marketing needs is the easiest decision you can make for your business. All your bases are covered, even a few you might not have considered. Instead of paying for all of these additional accounts you’ll then have to manage, let Groove streamline your process.

Website Design

There’s no underselling the importance of a solid website. A low functioning or poorly laid out website will cost you clicks and customers, no doubt about it. Website design can be a tricky thing to master. There are a lot of website design platforms out there, but few of them make things as easy as GroovePages.

With GroovePages, you won’t need to learn to code or spend hours trying to perfect your website’s fine details. GroovePages offers an excellent drag-and-drop website builder that ultimately simplifies the process. Build your entire website with a few simple clicks, whether you’re using the drag-and-drop function or one of GroovePage’s professional templates. Even if you opt for the template, you can still modify it to make it all your own. Tweak, adjust, and test out new layouts without a bunch of extra steps.

Before GroovePages, companies paid for a website builder or hired a designer. A team can do everything they need on the backend without any external help. It’s easy, fast, and completely customizable. GroovePages will get you the website of your dreams without jumping through extra hoops or outsourcing the job.

Funnel help

Funnels are an eCommerce company’s best friend. Funnels are how consumers get to their final purchase. It’s the several steps it takes to go from being a prospect to being a consumer. A funnel is set up to turn that cold email into a recurring customer. Figuring out the proper funnel is crucial, but it can be challenging to figure out. Things need to line up just right, which can take its fair share of troubleshooting. GrooveFunnels is the solution for that.

Conversions have never been easier to get. GrooveFunnels knows precisely how to reach your target demographic and bring them in. A multi-page funnel is a lot to manage on your own. There are more moving pieces than you anticipate at first. GrooveFunnels keeps everything well oiled and moving smoothly.

GrooveFunnels has tons of premade funnels that will help with conversion. These templates are professionally designed and proven to work. It’s never been easier to crack the funnel formula than with Groove. With GrooveFunnels in your corner, you won’t need to outsource for a funnel professional. You have one built-in. Take what GrooveFunnels teaches you and learn from it to further bolster your company and your understanding of the function’s inner workings.

Secure Checkout

You’ve managed to get a lead all the way to the point of purchase, but your checkout system is buggy. Now what? Never lose a customer to a subpar checkout system and get GrooveCheckout. GrooveCheckout is secure and inclusive. Your customers won’t run into the issue of submitting payments over which banking system they use. This system even offers payment plans. No matter what you’re selling GrooveCheckout will make it accessible to your consumer. GrooveCheckout can manage lump sum payments or help spread things out over time, making your product much more desirable.

GrooveCheckout will do the most as your purchasing system. Not only does it make payment simple, but it also actively helps you sell. The GrooveCheckout system offers to upsell and order bump features as well. These are seriously valuable features that you might have never thought of. They’re those little “you may also like these ” pop-ups that appear just before or after you press purchase. An order bump will tempt consumers to add a little something more to their cart, and an upsell will remind them to come back for more. It’s a simple, effective, and rarely thought of strategy but we all know it does work.

Email help

We all live in the digital world. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Our primary means of communication depend on a screen, in one way or another. And that is why email and GrooveMail are so important. If you fall behind on email, you fall behind on your business. You don’t want to earn yourself a reputation as being hard to reach or inconsistent with your responses. You have to be able to answer your prospects quickly and effectively. GrooveMail can help with that.

GrooveMail can help you set up broadcast emails, blasts, and automated messages. These are incredibly useful for staying in touch with prospects without reaching the consumer point. GrooveMail uses behavioral responses to plan accordingly for each visit your website receives. Those who visited your page but didn’t browse will get a different message than someone who left something in their cart and on and on as the experiences change. Having this kind of system in place will help to engage everyone who comes your way, and you don’t have to lift a finger. Get the right message to the right people without any extra steps or time out of your day.

Affiliate opportunities

GrooveAffiliate may be just the thing you never knew you needed. Networking plays a huge part in the growth of any business. Companies joining up for collaborations or partnerships have historically been ways of broadening appeal and visibility. Another way to do that is through affiliations. Having an affiliate is a bit extra attachment to your company, usually a little extra avenue of income. If you spotlight or shout out a company or service on your website, which results in a sale for them, depending on your affiliate agreement, you’ll get a profit cut. Affiliates are lovely but can be hard to come by if you don’t know where to start.

GrooveAffiliate takes care of that for you. Don’t waste your time with email blasts or solicitations. The Groove network has a vast affiliate marketplace that is growing every day. GrooveAffiliate pulls everyone interested in becoming an affiliate or seeking an affiliate into one place. You don’t have to do a thing to find an affiliate except for signing up for Groove. GrooveAffiliate gives you total control over the payment structure and terms of all of your affiliate agreements. Find and manage all of your affiliates from one spot.

Storefront assistance

Storefronts might be most commonly associated with brick-and-mortar shops, but they’re also vital for eCommerce. A robust storefront will help draw in more prospects. GrooveKart has all the tools you need to create your perfect storefront and make creating and shipping products easier. GrooveKart allows users to design exactly what they need for their storefront, regardless of the merchandise they sell.

This service caters to both print-on-demand and dropshipping-based businesses. Print-on-demand shops, like custom T-shirts or jewelry makers, can trust GrooveKart to handle their inventory without much fanfare. Dropshipping companies, stores that ship products from other companies, can trust that they will be able to get what their customers are looking for quickly.

Product availability is a big part of having an eCommerce store. If you’re regularly sold out of something or can’t keep track of your inventory, you’re going to run into issues. Be a reliable retailer with GrooveKart. GrooveKart can help you build up your store the intelligent way. Whether you’re selling or your business model, GrooveKart can get you the storefront and client base you’re looking for.

Membership made easy

If your business is membership-based, you’ve likely got a different list of things to consider than a standard retailer. Along with payment and content, you must consider your members’ safety. If people are paying to be part of your website, they will expect a certain amount of additional privacy and protection. There are a lot of cyber threats out there, but GrooveMember helps keep you and your members safe. GrooveMember allows you to create everything you need with the comfort of knowing it’s protected.

GrooveMember allows you complete control over the flow of content for your members. This platform allows you to get ahead of the game by using the content drip feature. Rather than oversaturating your members with all of your content all at once, the content drip feature allows for a timed release. Content can also be automated in other ways based on your preferences. Both of these features are easy to use and take a lot of scheduling pressure off of you and your team. Just set it and forget it. It’s that easy. Never worry about leaving your members unprotected and wanting more with the features of GrooveMember.

Enhanced video

Video content has been a powerhouse of marketing pretty much since it was invented. Commercials, product placements in TV and movies, and pop-up ads, all serve the same goal. GrooveVideo allows you to do just a bit more with video content than other players. Designed to optimize your video content, GrooveVideo adds an element of interaction that other players lack. Any player can do a “what to watch next” end screen. GrooveVideo encourages viewers to explore your site more.

GrooveVideo offers the option to add a call to action buttons and opt-in forms to your video. An opt-in form can alert prospects to a valuable newsletter. A call to action button could take them to a specific page on your website. These tools will help both you and your consumer. Those who do follow through with this enhanced video content will learn more about your business, and in turn, you will learn more about the prospect. Do more with your visitor’s attention by putting GrooveVideo to work. No matter how good your video content is, if it’s not encouraging people to move forward or giving them options to quickly learn more, there’s definite room for improvement and GrooveVideo can help with that.

Blog optimization

A blog can be the entryway for prospects to find your site and services. Making sure your blog is structured correctly, everything works, and is as it should be is where GrooveBlog comes in. Other website builders that specialize in blogs have their fair share of issues. Sometimes a plugin will break, and some are prone to security breaches and hackers. GrooveBlog is rock solid. It keeps your content safe and structured exactly how you want it.

SEO is king online. Search engine optimization is what decides your visibility on the internet. It comes down to so many little things—from sentence structure, keyword choice, tags, and even subtitles—keeping track of everything on your own would be overwhelming. Bug GrooveBlog is equipped with excellent SEO tools so you will know exactly where you stand before you press publish.

Way more goes into a blog than most people think. Above all, your content has to be safe and easily consumed. If your business depends on a blog or your entire business is a blog, you want to be sure your best stuff is out there. A good SEO score, secure crosslinking, plugins that work, and an easy-to-use interface can all be found on GrooveBlog.

Webinar planning

Webinars can be seriously hit or miss. Engaging content with a real-world application is what webinars should be about, but so often, they fall flat. Webinar presenters can drone on or lose control of their presentations. User error and technical difficulties plague webinars, but GrooveWebinar sees to all of those issues by letting you plan. GrooveWebinar is the easiest way to make your webinars ahead of time, so they’re perfected and ready for the moment.

Creating and presenting webinars is a seriously time-consuming process. All of the spinning parts have to work together. Syncing up the visuals and the narration, making sure your visuals are in the correct order, so many other parts to consider and all at the moment. You can’t mumble or stutter your way through a presentation and keep people engaged. But what if you had all the time and takes in the world? GrooveWebinar allows you to fully automate your videos without anyone knowing. The tools offered by GrooveWebinar make it easy to make your webinar look like a live event. These pre-recorded webinars can also be presented with live moderation. Put out only the best webinars your team is capable of, with no missteps or mistakes.

Simple verifications

Safe sites and verifications are a big draw for consumers. They want to know that the personal information they are handing over is safe. GrooveProof is a simple way to show your customers that your website is a safe place for shopping. An incredibly easy-to-use widget, GrooveProof works perfectly with GrooveCheckout. These tools are the best combination to give customers peace of mind regarding your website. They will know their purchase is safe before they make it to the shopping cart.

GrooveProof also does a little bragging for you. While a prospect browsing your website or shop front, GrooveProof will produce subtle pop-ups to notify them of secure purchases being made simultaneously. This lets prospects know that your products are in-demand and their billing information is safe. There is no way to overstate how important security is to eCommerce. Groove takes every precaution to protect your customers and then brags about it for you. Your customers deserve to know that they are getting the best. GrooveProof is a neat little tool that every eCommerce company should have. There are different versions of this feature, but GrooveProof comes with the rest of the Groove package, which makes it seriously hard to beat.


The culmination of all of these features in one place is definitely GrooveAutomation. GrooveAutomation is basically the hub for all of the information collected. It fees the funnels, says which emails go out, and verifies people’s purchases. GrooveAutomation oversees and takes care of everything. Everything is collected and kept safe, for your eyes only. The information GrooveAutomation collects can be used by you and your team to pump up your weak points and patch any holes. There’s no guessing with GrooveAutomation. You know exactly how consumers and prospects interact with your website, where they’re coming from, and how you can get more of them. This feature is the ultimate and most trustworthy time-saver so you can focus on the other real-world matters of your business.

GrooveAutomation is the ultimate tool for analytics. It distills everything that happens on your website into data points and knowledge. Access the inner workings of your website and put them in front of you with a bow. Groove is a powerful platform to sign up for, and GrooveAutomation is the end all be all.


Groove has three plans of service with two payment methods. You can choose between Free, Starter, or Pro and pay either annually or monthly.


You read that first one right. Groove offers a Free plan. Not a free trial, but access to a variety of Grooves’ services for no charge. The Free plan is a great sampling of services, including:

  • As many as 500 contacts
  • 2,500 email sends/month
  • 1 custom domain
  • Each custom domain. This can include a website, funnel, blog, and/or membership site. Limit to one of each per domain.
  • 25 pages hosting
  • Unlimited eCommerce stores
  • All products
  • Gateways: Stripe, GroovePay, and PayPal
  • Platform fees: 3%
  • 5 videos for hosting


The Starter plan is the next step up. For $79/month on the annual plan or $99/month on the monthly, the Starter plan gives Groove users:

  • As many as 5,000 contacts
  • As many as 50,000 contacts
  • 50,000 email sends/month
  • 5 custom domains. This can include a website, funnel, blog, and/or membership site. Limit to one of each per domain.
  • 250 pages hosting
  • Limitless Groove subdomains
  • Unlimited eCommerce stores
  • All products
  • Limitless gateways
  • Platform fees: waived
  • 5 team accounts
  • 50 videos for hosting


Finally, we come to the Pro plan. The most expensive but with by far the most to offer. Get yourself a Pro membership for $239/month on the annual plan and $299/month on the monthly and gain access to:

  • As many as 30,000 contacts. Add 100,000 contacts for an extra hundred dollars.
  • Unlimited email sends per month
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • Each domain can include unlimited pages, funnels, blogs, and memberships.
  • Inexhaustible pages hosting
  • Unlimited Groove subdomains
  • Unlimited eCommerce stores
  • All products
  • Limitless gateways
  • Platform fees: waived
  • Unlimited team accounts
  • Videos for hosting
  • Unlimited automated webinars

These plans don’t come cheap but when you look at everything you’re getting under that subscription fee, it’s an absolute steal.


Honestly, what more could you ask for? Groove does the job of a dozen different websites with ease and affordability. Everything that Groove offers is designed to make running your business easier. Now you can see that Groove really does do it all. It has a tool for funneling, a tool for email, a better blog, plenty of security features, and a system set up specifically to keep track of it all. Your online presence will become as hands-off as ever with Groove, and you can trust that it’s running probably better than you could do yourself. Save time without sacrificing your website, storefront, or blog. Putting everything in the hands of one platform can seem scary.

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