The Follow Unfollow Strategy on Instagram

For this #kTip, we discuss the disappointing strategy that occurs on Instagram I call “follow-unfollow”…

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Hello, hello, hello! Kak Varley here with another kTip. 

I want to talk about an Instagram strategy that occurs quite often. It’s the follow unfollow strategy

Effective Following

Let me explain it to you. There’s a networking component of Instagram where you can follow people. When you follow people you get to see their posts and oftentimes in reciprocity they will follow you back, and then they see your posts. That’s just a part of networking, building a community. But you can also unfollow people on Instagram, so you stop seeing their content. There are these marketers and people out there who will go out and follow you so you’ll follow them back, and then they will unfollow you. They do that because they want their numbers to look good. They want to show that they have many more followers than the people they are following, unfortunately, that’s just plain rude. 

Real-World Perspective

So let’s take an example of the offline world. Let’s say you meet somebody at a convention, you hand them your business card, they hand you theirs, and once they hand you their business card you take your card out of their hand and then walk away. That would be the absolute equivalent of what goes on with this follow unfollow strategy on Instagram. So if you’re wanting to earn and build an audience this isn’t the strategy to pursue. 

Effective Unfollowing

If you followed somebody and they didn’t follow you back and it doesn’t seem they really want to know you, feel free to unfollow. Nobody wants to know a sales guy all the time or be a pest, after all. Unfollow at your own discretion, but the follow unfollow strategy is not recommended here.

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