How Fitness Trainers Can Help People in the Digital WorldFor this #kTip, we discuss some ideas on how fitness trainers can help their customers online.

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All right, everyone, another kTip. 

How are you doing folks? Welcome to my abode. This is Kak Varley. 

I want to talk about fitness trainers or gym owners. Wow, how life has changed for you folks, huh? During this COVID situation, it’s all been about where you were doing the training, you’re doing the demos, you’re showing people how to do exercises, putting together programs. And they’re showing up and sweating it out and they keep on coming back. But life has changed, and now we’re in a situation where you folks are going to have to lean into the digital world. 

Let’s get Digital 

I want to talk about some ideas on that and want to take an example of my own fitness trainer. My fitness trainer is great, she’s awesome, she’s my friend and we’ve had discussions about this previous to the pandemic. Because I’m in the digital world I try to encourage her to get into the digital world. 

Her thing was she didn’t want to seem, I guess, selfish. She felt it was a little bit more of a vanity play. That’s what kept her from even being on social media, which is unusual, especially for fitness people. Of course, she doesn’t have an online business whatsoever as it stands today. 

Since this has been going on I think she’s trying to pivot. I know that she’s sending out some workout routines and things like that, but you have to look at it a bit differently. There are these people in the world right now who are saying “don’t sell, you shouldn’t sell during this time.” That’s what they’ll tell you and I think that’s complete nonsense, let me tell you why. 

If you’re doing something fraudulent, don’t sell. I just got caught in a fraudulent situation. I was a victim of fraud. I went to look for gym equipment and found something that was rather cool for $20 and paid for it and ended up getting a rubber band, a literal $20 rubber band. It turns out it was a company out of China just ripping people off. 

Selling vs Helping 

Instead, think about selling as helping because that’s what you folks are doing. You’re helping people become better or healthier people, right? So, you’re not selling, you’re helping. There’s no shame in extending your world into the digital world. There are people out there who still need your help who can’t show up to your gym. 

I think about people like me who used to be on the road, going to different towns, flying everywhere. Those folks have a hard time staying healthy unless they’re diligent because they can’t just always pop into a gym whenever. They try but they’re not always successful at doing that. 

There are no trainers to tell them what to do once they get to a gym. If there’s a gym at the hotel or something like that, that’s one thing, but nutrition is another. These folks have a hard time eating well because when you get on the road there really aren’t great options for eating healthy. Folks, you have to think about it in terms of helping people. 

Cultivating Content 

So let’s get into some of the ideas that I’ve had and communicated to my fitness instructor. I want you to think about something, every time we do an exercise she demos the exercise. She actually does it, so she shows you how to do it with proper form. Which gets me thinking, how many times has she done this now? Of course, it’s great for her because she gets exercise too. 

But I think about why she hasn’t filmed this yet. If she filmed it once she will use it again and again and again because it’s the same exercise. So, she’s got content if you think about it. She builds content every day when she does a program. When you walk in and she lays out the plan, and you go through the program, well that’s content, right? The problem is as soon as somebody leaves, that content goes away, and she’s got to start fresh again.

So, here’s an idea, how about you build your plans, and you send them out and every exercise has a demo video. And that doesn’t take a lot to build, that’s pretty easy stuff to do actually. There are a lot of tools out there that are free, you don’t need to spend a whopping amount of money to get that done. Now I am seeing some trainers who use Instagram, and they’ll write down in a notebook what to do that day. But they have to take an extra step and put videos in there, demo it and then their clients will do that exercise. 

Know Your Market

Plus, if you think about the world today, what’s going to be important is selling products. I have equipment in my garage, a lot of it. Dumbbells, TRX straps, exercise balls, yoga mats, the whole kit, and caboodle. I even have a TV out there if I want to do yoga in the garage. A lot of people are looking at that and all you have to do is look on Amazon and figure out what equipment people are buying. 

From there, you will start diversifying your portfolio and start selling equipment as well, and even some products. I know there are fitness trainers out there who like to sell products as well, it’s a great idea. See how you are able to extend your physical world into the digital world so that you have the ability to be more nimble in case this occurs again. 

Alright so if you fitness trainers out there have any questions and you want to ask me about what tools might be good for these sorts of ideas, please do reach out to me at

Thanks so much, guys. Have a great day and I’ll be back.

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