Business MarketingFor this #kTip, we discuss why the strategy of 80% is great for business marketing in the digital world.

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Welcome back to another kTip with Kak Varley. Today, I want to talk about why 80% is great for business marketing…

Now, let me explain something here because I know you’re saying to yourself, “80%?!?! I’m used to putting in a 100%”, or, “I’ll put it in a 110% to get to where I want to go.”

I get that. I understand. That kind of enthusiasm is awesome, but there’s the other side of the coin. If everything you do has to be 100% perfect, you’ll never get anything done!

80% Example

When I look at my business, I wouldn’t even be able to do this that I’m doing right now (helping you folks out) if I wanted to do it 100% perfectly. Rather, I’m doing this at an 80% level. What do I mean by that?

I don’t have a particular script. I’m just going off the top of my head, so I don’t have a perfect script. All I’m doing is sitting at my dining room table. I’m on my Mac machine. I’m using Zoom. I’m not even using a great mic when I know there are podcast mics out there. All that I’m using is my Bose earbuds as a mic. So, as you can see, I’m only doing 80%. But again, I would never be able to do this if I had to do everything perfectly. In the previous kTips, I’m quite sure you saw me stumble around with my words. In fact, the very first one I did, my hair looked horrible because I had long hair from the pandemic lockdown.

80% is Great

So, at some point, you got to say to yourself, ‘Let’s get going. Let’s start helping people.” I had a client one time – we set up a lead generation campaign for them and they sat on it forever because they were like, ‘Well, should we do this? Should we add that? Should we…” Come on, guys! You gotta start somewhere.

And this goes into advertising… Advertising is not perfect either. If anyone tells you advertising, online advertising specifically, is like some kind of like, ‘you’re gonna make a million bucks’ (and all this, that, and the other). That’s not true. That’s simply not true.

You have to go into everything with an 80% mindset. You have to do that actually to get anything done. This is why 80% is good for business marketing.

20% and the “3 L’s”

Here is the more important part…it’s the other 20% that matters more. The other 20% is what I call the “3 L’s” – Looking, Listening, Learning. Got that? Learning, Listening, Learning.

So, in that other 20%, you’re looking at what you’re doing through your analytics. You’re listening to what people are saying. And you’re learning from that, and then you’re improving the 80%. So you can see how it’s kind of like an 80/20 rule (so to speak). So what you do is you get it out there.
In the digital world, there’s so much reporting that helps you with finding out what’s working and what is not working so that you can make corrections and revisions. So that 20% will always be there. That’s why you’ll never be at 100%. That 20% always needs to be there.

20% Example

I take a look at guys like Gary Vee. He’s out there just pushing things out all the time. He’s not doing anything that’s perfect. He’s just doing live videos. But what he’s doing is going back on those videos to find which of those had the most engagement and then taking that messaging to other parts of his business, which is brilliant.

So don’t get caught up in being the best of the best right out of the gate. Yes, some foundational things will need to be done, but you’re not going to be perfect. What you’re going to be good at, or what you should be good at, is looking, listening, and learning – the “3 L’s”.

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I do appreciate it. Come on by again! I’m going to be doing these kTips time and again. And by the way, if you have any questions that I can answer, please send me a note. I will be happy to hear from you…

Alright…have a great day. Bye!

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