Replyify makes managing cold emailing easy. The modern-day equivalent of a cold call, cold emails can bring in a lot of prospects and clients if done properly. Replyify puts a much-needed personal touch on cold emails by sending them from your inbox, not a nameless system address. Your analytics will never be clearer than with Replyify. They offer bounce detection, updates on opening rates, and reply tracking. This platform is user-friendly and very easy to incorporate into your existing accounts.  You will be able to reach more prospects without expending extra time and resources. Fully automating your cold email system with Replyify is one of the smartest things a business can do.

Follow-Up help

Good follow-up practices are one of the most important but often overlooked pieces of doing business. It can be a cumbersome process. Staying on top of everything can be a job in and of itself. It’s a job that must be done daily for optimal results. Staying connected with prospects and clients is the best way to boost retention. Cutting corners and falling into bad habits is the quickest way for the follow-up to fall apart completely. So simply automate the whole thing with Replyify.

Replyify is very smart when it comes to follow-up. It allows you to schedule as many follow-ups as you want. You get to decide the follow-up schedule ahead of time, rather than taking it on day by day. And even when it comes to the end of those scheduled emails, Replyify’s Smart reminder is an added safety net. Replyify will keep these follow-up messages flowing until you get a reply from the prospect. Once a response has been received and a conversation can begin, Replyify will temporarily shut off the follow-ups, so there are no redundancies. This feature is not only helpful for managing follow-up but for adding to that personal element. Your new prospects will know that they hear directly from you and they have your attention. They’re not just a name on a list. Curate just the right amount of follow-up with Replyify’s super streamlined services.

Instant click updates

No matter what kind of email you’re sending, it’s sometimes hard to feel like it’s not just falling into a void. Replyify shows you exactly where your emails are headed and who is opening them. The second your email is opened or even clicked on, Replyify lets you know who you’ve reached so you can inform your next move. These updates give you invaluable information about your prospects. With this information at your fingertips, you can decide what follow-up to send next, at what time, and with a more focused pitch. Cold emails and follow-ups can be a real puzzle. Replyify gives you a better picture of the result.

This feature gives you extremely helpful analytics as well. Replyify keeps track of every email they send to you. You can see how many emails you have active in a particular campaign and where they’ve landed. Replyify will tell you what’s been opened, what’s been closed immediately, how many replies you’ve received, and how many connections you’ve made. Keeping tabs on this kind of information is extremely useful for several aspects of your business, not just follow-up practices. Replyify will be able to tell you how effective your email marketing and messaging are if you’re tapping the right resources and where improvements can be made.

Easy integration

Some other email services come with a lot of hassle when it comes to installation. The most basic of software and even some updates come with so many hoops to jump through and departmental approvals. Replyify completely bypasses all of that. Replyify doesn’t even require a software installation. It’s just one simple click. The ease of this installation process is a huge selling point for Replyify all on its own. Not only does this platform bring ease to your business, but there’s also no headache in getting it to work. This, like essentially all other facets of Replyify, will save you time.

Along with its incredibly simple installation, Replyify works with every email host. Whether you use the ever-popular Gmail or one that’s a bit less known, like Exchange, Replyify can offer you the same amount of support. It doesn’t matter what kind of email you run your business out of. Replyify will work and work for you.

Reach more prospects

The extent to which your reach will improve with Replyify is enough to make you make the switch. Your load will be lightened more than you ever thought possible and more effectively than you could have anticipated. The volume of emails sent will increase, and you can be assured that every one of them is as it should be. With Replyify you never have to worry about mistakes like a missing name or incorrect information. Replyify allows you to fully customize and personalize every email you send, even if you’re sending in bulk. Every prospect will feel like they’re the only one.

Replyify also sends all of your emails from your account. This may seem obvious, but everyone has gotten a cold email from a less than trustworthy-looking address. With Replyify, your messages come from your address. This will help to further instill that element of a personal experience for your clients and prospects alike. Having messages come from you directly also helps to up your deliverability rates. Replyify will do more with your email than your team could in a day, every day. More effective emailing, better messages and deliverability, and a completely personalized experience, all on one platform.

Bounce detection and routing

When it comes to cold emailing and blind contact in general, bounces are going to happen. Some addresses won’t be copied down correctly, will be inactive, or just fake. When you’re messaging in bulk or when your follow-up and outreach are on autopilot, it can get hard to keep track of which emails are good. Replyify takes care of that for you. When an email bounces back, Replyify marks that address and stops sending to it. It doesn’t remove the address, and that is important. Replyify gives you the chance to review the address and edit it rather than tossing out a potential prospect.

Along with detecting bounced messages, Replyify also puts bounced emails away for you. Rather than letting them sit there and pile up, Replyify gives you the option to put them somewhere else. You can route all bounced emails to a different folder to deal with later and keep your inbox free. Replyify keeps your emails organized from start to finish. It takes care of any hurdles or extraneous addresses that aren’t serving your outreach. Replyify is your best defense against bounces. Replyify walks the line of automation perfectly and allows you to choose what you want to do rather than having it done for you.

Email tracking

Replyify tracks everything. Every analytic that can be collected from the simple sending of an email is valuable data that Replyify archives. Some things that would have required multiple reports from different platforms are all given to you by Replyify. From when an email is opened to whether that email was generated and the original click is all taken down.  You’ll know who on your lists is engaging with your content and website even before they reach out. This helps you keep an eye on who is coming back and who seems on the fence so that you can plan accordingly. These features can also be turned on and off as your needs and preferences change.

Replyify also tracks downloads if you ever include files in your emails. Tracking this kind of information is important for different reasons than clicks and website visits. If your team creates downloadable content specifically for emails and it’s not being opened, Replyify just saved you a lot of time. Knowing who and when and how many times your emails have been engaged with is one of the main points of sending emails in the first place. The more information you have about your outreach, the more fine-tuned you’ll find your process—and Replyify gives you all the information.

Reply features

The whole point of sending out emails is to get replies, and Replyify gets you one step ahead. Along with putting a pause on auto follow-up for prospects who have responded, Replyify has a special tool for reply detection. Replyify automatically detects responses, no matter where they’re coming from. This also helps you figure out how your emails are being passed around and engaged with. Detecting specific email addresses and not just the total number of replies will also help increase your prospect list. Just another pie slice in the ever-changing picture of how your business works.

It also brings new ease to your reply methods. Replyify makes it easy to reply to all of your messages either from your inbox or their main page. To operate from their main page, all you have to do is check in on your To-Do list and take care of any number of tasks. From there, just as easily from your inbox, you can manage your messages in all kinds of ways. Out-of-office notifications, unsubscribe alerts, and all of the replies and auto-replies you have loaded are all in one transparent place. There’s nothing easier than managing your received messages and relying on your own with this platform.


The pricing for Replyify’s servicers comes down to six tiers. Each offers dozens of features. Any of these plans can be billed monthly, quarterly, or annually and can be canceled at any time. Replyify offers nearly 100 features in total, but there are a few highlights.


The Free plan for Replyify offers 25 accounts, automation features like custom time and day sending, signature styling and template as well as:

  • Google Apps/Gmail
  • Email sequencing
  • Open & click tracking
  • Bounce detection
  • Auto-pause on reply
  • Replyify branding


The Economy plan starts at just $1 a month for 50 accounts. The main differences between the Free plan and Economy, other than the number of accounts available include:

  • Email & in-app support
  • Send from multiple emails
  • Custom SMTP/IMAP
  • No Replyify branding

Starter and Growth

Much like the last two plans, the Starter and Growth plans are very similar. The Starter plan comes to $19 a month for 250 accounts and the Growth plan starts at $49 for 1,000 accounts. The only difference between these two plans is that Growth allows you to use your domain for open URLs and a feature that allows for further optimization of response rates through multiple versions of sequences.

  • Email & in-app support
  • Send from multiple emails
  • Custom SMTP/IMAP
  • No Replyify branding


The Pro plan is $79 a month for 3,000 active contacts. The Pro plan offers everything the Growth plan offers, plus:

  • Email & in-app support
  • Send from multiple emails
  • Custom SMTP/IMAP
  • No Replyify branding

There is only one feature that sets the Pro plan and the next best apart.


The Enterprise plan is the best of the best, $99 a month for unlimited active contacts and every feature Replyify has to offer, including:

  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Phone support
  • API and more!

Putting together all of Replyify’s features will give your company a leg up on email and follow-up. With Replyify, your days of having to catch up on email are behind you. You won’t have to worry about your emails getting to the right places or that they aren’t being opened. You will know exactly who is opening your messages, how they are engaging with them, and where you can do better. Customize everything as much as you want. Decide precisely when your emails go out based on Replyify’s priceless analytics. Everything that Replyify offers, from installation to replying en masse, is as simple and quick as a few clicks here and there. Rather than going through your lists of contacts with a fine-tooth cone, let Replyify tell you which accounts are worth keeping on and which are just a waste. There is so much to Replyify. They are worth pursuing if you find yourself lost in your inbox.

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