Marketing ConsultantA Marketing Consultant Makes Sense For Your Business. Here’s Why. I hear statements like this on a weekly basis…

“I have a guy that does [insert type of marketing here] for us, and then another guy that does [insert type of marketing here] for us.”

Think about how a larger business is structured for a moment… They’ll have different departments like the accounting group, the sales group, the operations group, etc. Each one of these departments brings a different talent to the business. Similarly, smaller companies will have departments. It’s just that some of their “departments” will likely be external service providers that they outsource work to. Taking it a step further, the marketing group will have its own departments of expertise. Copywriters, Website Designers, SEO Managers, Social Media Managers, and PPC Managers, just to name a few, are all a part of the business of marketing. In any case, there’s often a larger issue that a Marketing Consultant plays a part in…

The tie that binds…

A successful business cannot exist without having a reason to be in business. This reason comes in the form of a vision. That vision is turned into a summary called a mission statement. Then the mission statement becomes the driving force for the entire company. Having all the departments working towards the same vision is what allows a business to thrive.

This is why Chief Marketing Officers exist in larger companies. They are the tie that binds the needs of the business and then coordinates marketing functions to meet the vision. In the same way, a Marketing Consultant is an external tie that will bind a strategy and then manage the separate functions of marketing in proper order. A Marketing Consultant is an outsourced version of a CMO. A Marketing Consultant is also referred to as a “Fractional CMO”.

Management of separate marketing functions is crucial to being efficient and getting results. Without it, you will find that matters will not be handled in the proper order, the work is not desirable, or you’ll have to referee between providers not getting along with each other. Here is how the functions of online marketing work together:

Persona Development

Persona Development is the research of customer traits so you can relate to them in your messaging. Copywriting, SEO, Website, Social Media, and all other marketing have to line up with the Personas. Without it, you won’t be able to gain the attention and trust of an online visitor.


Copywriting is the skill of writing the text for marketing. The most crucial part of Copywriting is knowing your customer and how to speak to them. It also blends in vision, mission, and SEO awareness. Once produced, it is used across your SEO, website, social media, offline media, etc.


Search Engine Optimization is the process of driving people to your website through web searches. It requires a deep look into your Personas, Copywriting, Website structure, online reviews, etc. SEO requires a high level of expertise in order to get a good return on investment.


Establishing SEO before you build your website is preferred. It is going to determine how your website is structured and where the messaging is to be applied. The Personas and Copywriting are essential for the planning of keywords, design, and Calls-To-Action for each web page.

This is only the beginning of how the different parts of marketing have to tie together to get good results. There is much more to consider to make sure your business marketing is the best it can be.

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