If you want to better understand how search analytics and keywords work, look no further. With SpyFu, you will be able to see where you fall on Google rankings and how you got there. Learn how here...

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Take the hassle out of password management with Keeper. Keeper securely stores your passwords to protect your business from data breaches and cyber-attacks. Learn how here...

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Why an SSL Certificate is Important for a Website

For this #kTip, we discuss what an SSL Certificate is and why it’s important for your website. Watch Video Here All right, another kTip for you from Kak Varley. This one is going to be just a little more technical, this one involves websites...  Online Safety Certifications  So why is an SSL certificate important for your website? Well, let's [...]

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How Grocery Stores Can Reduce Germs with the Digital World

For this #kTip, I discuss how grocery stores could reduce germs by leveraging digital. Watch Video Here Another kTip from Kak Varley...  Today I wanted to talk about how grocery stores can reduce germs in the digital world. Believe it or not, we've got a pandemic going on. Grocery stores have changed quite a bit. I've seen it go [...]

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