Sendspark for Recording Videos

Sendspark is completely changing the way businesses approach to email. Best practices for mass emailing, cold emailing, and follow-up have changed here and there over the years but Sendspark is taking it even further. This tool is all about ease. Rather than putting down the same copy over and over, Sendspark is all about video emails. Put a face [...]


3 Common Business Owner Mistakes Made with Digital Marketing

Bringing value to a business owner that is (or is about to) leverage digital marketing is a very passionate subject for me. Mainly for that business owner who wants to attempt to make money from their digital marketing efforts. This listicle centers more on humans because what makes a digital marketing plan fail is almost always based on the [...]


Better Proposals for eProposals

Proposals are a must no matter your business. Creating a proposal that reflects your business ideally is a tall order. Between aesthetic and deal closing power, a lot goes into a proposal. Not to mention the extra steps of collecting client signatures and verifying payment. Better Proposal takes all of those odds and ends and handles them with one [...]


Groove for Online Business

Groove is the tool that puts everything you need in one place. Groove is the fastest growing and one of the most comprehensive tools on the market. No matter what you need, Groove has the tool to help you improve. This platform puts it all together, from blog and mail assistance to funneling systems and automation services. Using Groove [...]


HideYT for YouTube

HideYT is a simple solution to do away with annoying related videos. Unless you intentionally manage your own end screen on YouTube, anything could pop up at the end. The term related on YouTube can be really loose at times. Sometimes, the videos don’t seem related at all. They can be distracting from the point of your video and [...]


Grammarly for Editing

Grammarly is the editor you’ve always needed. Effective writing, in any industry, is an important skill to have but not always the easiest to master. Knowing when sentences are too long, catching misspellings, and unclear language doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Grammarly is your extra pair of eyes every time you write. This simple tool will catch everything from [...]