Scheduling meetings can be a serious hassle, but it has never been easier than with Calendly. Calendly is the ultimate scheduling helper. Set your availability and preferences and Calendly takes care of the rest. Forgetting meetings and accidentally double booking your time is no longer a concern. Whether you’re a team of one or the head of a corporation, [...]

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AnswerThePublic is an unparalleled direct line into consumer search practices. AnswerThePublic monitors what is being searched through Google around the clock to see what people are looking for and understand trends. The information AnswerThePublic can provide for your company is the best way to get to know your consumer. These are insights that that would be nearly impossible to [...]

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Why Troubleshooting is So Important for Internet Marketing

For this #kTip, I discuss why troubleshooting is so important in internet marketing.  Watch Video Here Hey, there. It's Kak from here with another kTip. I want to talk about why troubleshooting is so important in online marketing.  The Benefits of Troubleshooting  I hear it all the time with people saying, "It didn't work for me. I can't [...]

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How Fitness Trainers Can Help People in the Digital World

For this #kTip, we discuss some ideas on how fitness trainers can help their customers online. Watch Video Here All right, everyone, another kTip.  How are you doing folks? Welcome to my abode. This is Kak Varley.  I want to talk about fitness trainers or gym owners. Wow how life has changed for you folks, huh? During this COVID [...]

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