Paid Social MediaFor this #kTip, we discuss organic social media versus paid social media.

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Welcome to another kTip…

I want to talk about the difference is between organic and paid in social media. I’ve gotten that question before. It was a couple of years ago that I sat with a Vice President of Marketing, who told me that she used to own her own social media company. She asked me, “What is the difference between organic and paid social media?” So here I am answering this question for you folks…


Let’s start with organic… Essentially, think about organic being a sweat equity program. It’s the way you can build your audience, engage your audience, and get sales by not paying a dime. ZERO. You’re using certain strategies and tactics on social media to do those three things without the need for money.


Now let’s take a look at paid… As the name suggests, you’re paying for that kind of social media. In other words, it’s advertising. That’s all it really is, just advertising. So anytime you see posts that say “sponsored” on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc., those are paid posts. That means somebody has paid for their ad to get in front of you.

To be quite honest, you really need both organic and paid strategies to have a good portfolio in your marketing plan. But you know, let’s get real. Some small business users don’t have the cash on hand to be doing advertising. So we have to put in our time on a sweat equity level for the organic side of social media.

So that is the difference between organic and paid social media…

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