2 Things to Consider When Doing a Webinar

For this #kTip, I discuss the two major things to consider regarding webinars. 

Hey, there. It’s Kak from kakvarley.com here with another kTip. I want to talk about a few things I’ve learned about webinars.

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Why Webinars

You are here for a K-tip, and I’m about to give it to you. This is another K-tip by a Kak Varley. Today I want to talk about webinars. Why do I want to talk about webinars? I’ll tell you why. Because they’re popular right now with the pandemic. Webinars coming out the ying-yang right now. And people are doing them. People are doing them, and people are joining them. I am too, but I wanted to talk about two things we should consider when doing webinars. Especially during this time. The first thing is to be valuable on a webinar. Offer something valuable.

The Connection Value

Immediately, if you do training or some kind of coursework, that kind of knowledge transfer is immediately valuable to somebody. So if you stay on that train, you’ll do well. If you’re doing a sales pitch, that’s fine. People are doing them all the time. I get it. And you can do them, and people will join. But this brings up my second consideration, which is to be interactive. We’ve discovered through this pandemic that people need connection more than ever before. We can’t leave our houses, folks. We can’t go to the restaurant. We can’t hang out with our friends on a boat these days. People are doing it, but we can’t necessarily do those things.

Small Interactions

So we need connection more than anything else. So try your best to avoid that “show up and throw up” – doing a presentation, one-way communication, talking at people scenario. If you’re going to do it, that’s fine, but keep it brief, but then go into breakout rooms. Those have been a tremendous success because it allows people to interact with each other. Have breakout rooms of no more than five people. I have found that doing more than five people in a breakout room just turns into another non-participatory situation. So no more than five people in a breakout room.

Keep Them Coming Back

Now here’s the thing about the interaction. I always talk about the definition of business: getting business and keeping business. So when you’re doing a webinar, you’re on that acquisition side of the fence where you’re trying to bring people in. That’s great. But how do you keep them coming back? How do you keep the business? And the breakroom interaction is going to be the part that’s probably going to bring people in. I know that for a fact because I’ve seen it happen. I’ve been on webinars where it’s just one-way communication, and people leave the webinar. You don’t ever hear from those people ever again.

And then I’ve seen these webinars where they have breakout rooms of no more than five people per room, and people rave about the webinar, and they come back for more. So consider that.

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