In business, effectively keeping up with email is difficult and time-consuming, but not with SellHack. SellHack is an email help extension that provides users with vital features like bulk email verification, organizational tools, and follow-up assistance. Prospecting and managing sales have never been easier than with the help that SellHack offers. Your email is your most direct line to everything your business needs to thrive, it’s vital to maintain but a bit of a bear to do so. SellHack compiles verified email addresses for your sales team, no matter the business, no matter how big. Link everything together and keep the entire team in the loop easily. Never waste your time combing through hundreds of emails or fall behind on important conversations with SellHack.

Prospect Funneling

SellHack does a lot simply by sifting through data. This platform specializes in finding you the right data, whether it’s a prospect’s email address, a potential recruit, or any other sort of lead. SellHack finds emails for you easily and with accuracy. Have SellHack build lead lists for you for anything you could need, so all you have to do is follow. These lists will soon become the cornerstone for how you handle your online communication. They’re that reliable. These email lists and data collections also sync to SalesForce for optimal utilization of the sales and marketing potential.

What would take you hours and hours to do on your own with no promise of accuracy, SellHack does instantly. Never worry about reaching the wrong audience again or wasting your time on inactive emails. This is the quickest and easiest way to compile these invaluable lists. With SellHack, there is no estimating or guessing over whether or not you are using the best contact data. It’s guaranteed.

Email and Data Verification

SellHack uses a 12-step verification engine that does the job in real-time. With this system, you will know the best email immediately for your prospect. This certainty saves you time and effort that you would have lost going it on your own. This verification process can also be implemented in bulk. All you have to upload is the account and company names, and SellHack will take care of the rest. Get all the verified email addresses you need with a simple upload.

Along with new prospect verification, SellHack provides double-checks for existing contacts. By authenticating the contacts already on your lists, you will have even better reach. Your account will never bounce another email or waste a sales opportunity. All of your emails will be delivered without a second thought. Better deliverability opens you up to more prospects and business, and all it takes is a little help from SellHack.

Follow-up Help

No matter what business you are in, follow-up is hugely important. Follow-up is the best way to convert prospects into sales and to improve your reputation through client word of mouth. If you are unresponsive or forgetful when it comes to the people looking to partner with you or use your service, they will go elsewhere.

Ensuring that follow-up is done and done properly cannot be overlooked. SellHack makes follow-up as easy as clicking your mouth. Through automated messaging SellHack will send out a personalized follow-up to any list of your choosing. These messages can be set up from the first point of contact, or cold emails, all the way through each step of your company’s follow-up procedures.

SellHack allows you to do business digitally just the same as you would in person. Set up reminders and track activities through the extension that allow you to contact and connect prospects and clients with ease.


SellHack’s value to a sales team is as far-reaching and simple as email itself. You can reach anyone anywhere in the world with the click of a button. Staying connected, especially in business, is the only way to stay afloat. The wider and stronger the net you cast, the better your chances of pulling in some big fish. Things like automating follow-up and making sure your contact list is up to date may seem simple, but they yield huge benefits.

SellHack guarantees more sales. This platform also offers opportunities for your business to change things up. If your follow-up practices haven’t produced the way you had hoped in the past, SellHack is a great way to revamp some things. You can make your digital communication network anything you want it to be with their help. SellHack gives you every option to boost your sales. The opportunities are right in your inbox.


Though SellHack focuses primarily on sales, they offer much more than that. The SellHack umbrella also covers recruiting with their browser plugin and X-Ray Search Engine tool. Between the two of these elements, SellHack will help you find the best candidates for whatever you need. This two-factor system will provide all of the data you need to keep your applicant tracking software as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

Along with assisting in finding the right people, SellHack can help seal the deal. One of the greatest pitfalls that hiring teams fall into is a lack of follow-up. Applicants will apply and then sit in the dark, waiting around for any kind of message from the company. If it’s a busy hiring season for your company, you could lose out on prime candidates due to a lack of correspondence. As we’ve already discussed, SellHack has tons of efficient follow-up tools, this is just one way it goes beyond sales.


Sales and marketing go hand in hand. It’s difficult, or nearly impossible, to have prime sales without effective marketing. No one will know about your business or what it’s all about without proper marketing strategies, and your sales will reflect that. SellHack offers marketing help in a few ways. Other than making your business more visible through the simple act of communication, SellHack can help you create custom audiences across social media platforms.

Using the email addresses amassed through your own data and SellHack, you can bring your marketing and content to prospects on a wider scale. Most people check their social media feeds far more frequently than their emails. With that in mind, SellHack has made it possible to target prospects where they are more likely to see it. Get your business in front of anyone you want through their Facebook and Twitter feeds, thanks to SellHack.


SellHack has four tiers of pricing, each with a monthly and annual payment plan. Each builds off of the next and has an adjusted price to match. No matter what you need from SellHack, they are here to help.


The first and most basic of the plans is the Lite plan. The Lite plan provides users with:

  • 100 email credits
  • Prospect List Builder
  • Save Results
  • No Ads
  • Basic Plugins

Users can sign up for the Lite plan for $3/month through the annual payment plan or $5/month for the monthly plan.


The main difference between the Lite and Basic plans is the number of email credits. Both provide prospect list builders, ad-free, basic plugin, and saves results for you, but the Basic plan provides 350 email credits. This plan can be purchased for $15/month on the annual plan and $19/month on the monthly plan. If your business is straddling the line between Lite and Basic, SellHack still has you covered. If you exceed your email credits for the month, SellHack will automatically prompt you to upgrade to the next best plan. And if you’re not quite ready to upgrade, they also offer rollover credits.


The Starter plan is where things start to upgrade a little. For $30/month on the annual plan and $49/month for the monthly plan SellHack Starters will receive:

  • Prospect List Builder
  • Save and Export Results
  • Concurrent Searches
  • Enhanced Plugins
  • 1,000 email credits


The Pro plan is the best SellHack has to offer and the most popular. For $60/month on the annual plan and $99/month on the monthly plan, Pro users get:

  • Advanced List Builder
  • REST API Access
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Elite Plugin
  • 2,500 email credits

All plans come with a 100% Bounce Protection Guarantee, so you will only pay for the emails that are valid, and any invalid ones will be credited to your account.

Test out a free trial and receive 10 credits for a month. SellHack also offers team plans and is happy to discuss custom plans if you don’t find what you need in their presets, and plans can be canceled at any time. SellHack offers flexibility throughout all of its plans. Users can upgrade or downgrade whenever they choose, and accounts renew every 30 days on the monthly plans.

SellHack will help you with your sales through the power of email. Being a reliable communicator and making sure that your contact list is current at all times are two things no business should go without. Verify all of the email addresses and data you need for your contact lists. Get organized and keep track of your follow-up better than ever before. With SellHack, you’ll be able to reach prospects with every email, and in the case that they don’t check their email with every social media post. Improve your marketing, sales, and even recruiting with SellHack’s services. Get in front of your ideal client or partner with the power of SellHack.

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Kak Varley
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Kak Varley got the internet bug right at its inception. He started in 2015 to help businesses grow and scale using various sales and inbound marketing methodologies. With 25+ years experience in Sales and has certainly mastered the sales craft and now focuses on helping businesses grow and scale.