Leverage DigitalFor this #kTip, we discuss how to leverage digital to help your sales.

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Welcome to another #kTip from Kak Varley…

Let us talk about how you can leverage digital for sales. Now, I don’t want to focus on the tools themselves because we kind of already know the tools, right? Email, social media, etc…

Rather, I’d like to focus on how you can use those tools for your sales. The best way I know how to do that is through a story that was given to me by a friend named Jeffrey Hayzlett. Jeffrey Hayzlett is an accomplished businessman, speaker, and author. He was also the CMO for Kodak and was a judge on The Celebrity Apprentice.

The Hunt

He once told me a story about how he had wanted to get a speaking engagement with a particular company because he knew that the company paid well for public speakers. So he spent a considerable amount of time trying to get in front of the person that scheduled speakers. But he wasn’t getting anywhere – no replies, stuck in the mud. So he decided to come up with a strategy that looked like this:

He reached out directly to the CEO of the company by email and asked him if he would be considerate enough to do an interview on Jeff’s podcast. The CEO accepted, and they did the interview. Jeff didn’t stop there, though. He then took that interview and transcribed it into an online release. He then took the link from that online press release and shared it with the CEO by email.

The Catch

The CEO loved it so much that he had it promoted across his company on social media. It was at that time that Jeff got a call from the person that scheduled speakers and ended up getting a speaking engagement. So he made the sale!

Now I want you to think about that…let’s break it down…

  1. He knew the audience that he wanted to go after.
  2. He did that through a digital tool called email.
  3. He offered him an interview with another digital tool called a podcast.
  4. He took that interview and made it into another digital tool, which is an online release.
  5. Sent it over to the CEO.
  6. The CEO promoted that on another digital tool called social media.

…and so on and so on…

So you can see here that Jeff did not think of digital as being that “other thing.” He didn’t look at it as something mystical. He looked at it as a part of his portfolio in sales. And so he just literally extended his physical sales world into the digital world and used the tools within that to make the sale.
Great story, right?

We’ll see you back here next time! Thanks so much, and have a great day!

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