SiteGround – Website Hosting

SiteGround – Website Hosting

Host your website quickly, securely, and with excellent customer service with SiteGround Hosting.



SiteGround is a web hosting platform that offers incredible services on a budget.

WordPress Support

For WordPress, SiteGround Hosting manages security and updates to ensure all plugins function and any necessary patches are applied. WordPress users also receive performance reviews and solutions from GroundSite.

WooCommerce Support

SiteGround enhances WooCommerce (an eCommerce plugin) by providing an AI anti-bot system that blocks security threats around the clock. SiteGround also installs a custom Web Application Firewall (WAG) to keep security airtight.

Cloud Support

SiteGround Cloud services are for businesses that have grown too big for shared hosting and need more space. Having Cloud hosting through SiteGround helps manage IT issues, create easy access to resources, and facilitate easy growth and account management.

SSL Certificates

Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL for short, is a certification that keeps consumer data safe. This certification is crucial for e-commerce. Without this certification attached to your site, search engines will make finding your site extremely challenging. SiteGround and the Let’s Encrypt project provide this certification to clients for free. This partnership allows for SSL certification to be issued and renewed automatically.

Email Service

With the SiteGround email services, you can create free professional email addresses. This service supports protocols from POP3, IMAP, and SMTP. This email service allows businesses to create as many addresses as they’d like and create auto-responses, forwarders, promos, etc.

Staging Tool 

The staging tool allows users to make copies of their website and use these copies for testing out significant changes, troubleshooting, and tinkering, all without risk. Once everything is changed and operational, it just takes one click to make it go live. This sharing tool provides extra safety and instant backups of all copies made.

Daily Backups

Mistakes happen, primarily online. That is why SiteGround Hosting provides daily backups. These backups happen automatically, so there is no cause to worry about data loss for any reason. Up to 30 copies will be kept on your account and can be accessed through the account’s Site Tools for free. To keep everything extra secure, these copies and backups may be stored in a completely different location than your operation’s.

Collaboration Tools

The collaboration tools allow for clients to transfer services and add collaborators. This service is excellent for developers and agencies using SiteGround for third parties.

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