Grammarly – Grammar Checker

Grammarly – Grammar Checker

Grammarly is a cloud-based grammar checker that reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and delivery mistakes. It uses artificial intelligence to identify and search for an appropriate replacement for its locational error.


Compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing with Grammarly’s new AI-powered grammar checker.

Grammar and Spelling

This writing tool follows along with you as you write to catch any mistakes, big or small. This platform catches everything from misused words to actual misspellings.

Clarity and Syntax

Syntax is a fancy term for well-formed sentences. If you have good syntax, your writing is well organized and easy to read. This grammar checker double-checks every sentence you write for clarity. If you jot down a note or you’re on a roll and can’t stop, Grammarly will flag any language that could be cleaned up. You’ll never have a mismatching verb tense or possessive verb mix up again.

Get Writing Feedback

For each mistake you make or syntactic error Grammarly picks up, the platform offers suggestions for improving things. Whether it’s completely rewriting the sentence, adding or removing an article, or simply using more exact language, Grammarly is here to help. This virtual editor takes everything into account.

Write for Your Audience

This tool affords you the ability to write for a specific audience. You can let Grammarly know what kind of writing you do most often from options like school, business, and other projects, and it corrects accordingly.

Easily Integrated

There are two ways to use this grammar checker – through the website or as a plugin. The plugin is just a quick download away from having a personal editor follow you everywhere you go online. Whether you’re working in Word, anything in Google Workspace, or even social media, this tool is with you. A simple little bubble will keep track of any mistakes you’ve made or suggestions that it has noted as you work. Click the bubble and cycle through the corrections without backtracking and losing your place.


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