ActiveCampaign – Email Marketing

ActiveCampaign – Email Marketing

ActiveCampaign is a robust SMS and email marketing program that includes easy-to-create automations and CRM functionality.


ActiveCampaign will fully automate and optimize your email marketing needs.

Email/Text Campaigns

ActiveCampaign has the tools to make every email or text you send specialized and targeted. This platform gives you as much control over your content as you need. Email templates, organize personalized emails by group, send a one-time email to your entire following, trigger email confirmations or thank you emails, and more.


On ActiveCampaign, you control what you send and when you send it. Schedule a newsletter weeks or even months in advance. Set up reminders and welcome emails when someone visits your website and provides their email. Whatever action is taken on your website, email, or SMS, a response can be built in ActiveCampaign to take prospects and customers further down the marketing funnel.


For those that loathe the expense of a full-blown CRM package, ActiveCampaign offers the ability to keep up with everything from everywhere. That means tracking emails and deals, contact and company information, keeping notes, and more.

Deals Pipeline

ActiveCampaign’s tools also make it possible for you to track the progress of sales opportunities through a customized sales pipeline. Through the pipeline stages, ActiveCampaign helps you measure where your customers are at in any given opportunity and allows you to create automations throughout the sales cycle.


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