3 Step Email Marketing Strategy for Sales Prospecting

As the state of our working world changes, sales prospecting is now more important than ever. We’ve talked about some other sales strategies in previous articles. However, we felt that the outbound part of a sales portfolio should be given a spotlight. If you’ve structured your business as a “hunter/farmer” sales model, you already have Sales Development Representatives (SDR) [...]

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The Anatomy Of A Social Media Post

In a previous article, I discussed a foundational Social Media strategy around bringing value to your audience (part of our four1one strategy). The overarching concept is to get the most out of your Social Media. Now that the foundation is laid, it’s a good time to start talking about best practices when managing your Social Media. In this article, [...]

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Sales and Marketing Tools – Best-of-Breed Time Savers for Me

Online marketing is a technical sport that requires a lot of administration. That said, marketing tools are essential for managing your website and social media. Thankfully there are a lot of solutions out there to help you with your daily tasks. However, deciding which of these solutions to use is the tough part. Every business is different. Because of [...]

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Sales Strategy: Get New Customers With This Unbeatable Method

You own a business or you run a sales department. This means you need to make money in order to help your business thrive. You do this by having a product or service to sell. Thus, you’ve tried the traditional sales strategy of cold-calling, networking, partnering, etc. Yet, when you meet people, the common response is the same - [...]

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